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Tonge, Leicestershire
Tung, Tongue, Tong, Toung

Tonge is a hamlet one mile east of Breedon on the Hill, Leicestershire, close to the Derbyshire border. It should not be confused with the Parish of Tong in Shropshire, or the villages in Yorkshire, Kent and on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland or Tongue in Caithness, Scotland.

"Bredon is an extensive parish ; Staunton Harold, Tongue, Worthington, Bredon-Brand, Wilson, and part of Cole-Aughton-moor, a third part of Launt, and a part of the village of Diseworth, belong to it. Most of these places bury at Breedon. "
The supplementary volume to the Leicestershire views: containing a series of excursions in the year 1790, to the villages and places of note in the county. By John Throsby. To which are added, in notes, the most valuable parts of Burton, Nichols, and other antecedent writers on Leicestershire

Andreschurch - (Cached) An article arguing that the supposed deserted mediaeval village of Andreschuch is actually Breedon on the Hill.

Studies of field systems in the British Isles by Alan R. H. Baker, Robin Alan Butlin, published by Cambridge University Press 1973  contains a description of the field systems of Breedon and Tonge, with field maps from c1758. (Cached)