Family History Notebook

Barbara Kirsopp Swindale

Daughter of Robert and Mary Ann Swindale, born 1877 in Horton, Northumberland

Married 1901


1    Barbara has a cousin, Barbara Kirsopp Swindale, one year older.

2    Tbirth of Barbara There are two marriages registered for a Barbara Kirsopp Swindale, one in the first quarter of 1899 in Newcastle and one in the third quarter of 1901 in Tynemouth (to John Richards or William Urwin). (Information from Norman Swindle). Since Robert's daughter is still living with him in the 1901 census, it must be this Barbara who married in 1901.

3    Robert and his brother Lancelot would both have been brought up by his father's second wife Barbara (née Kirsopp). This is presumably why both of them named their daughter Barbara Kirsopp.

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