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Garrigill Places

Alston Moor district with parish boundary
Alston Moor district showing boundaries of Alston parish and Garrigill Chapelry

Extract from Donal's 1774 map of Cumberland
Extract from Donald's 1774 map of Cumberland. (Top of map is north-west).

According to Caesar Caine, the minister at Garrigill in 1901:-

"The parishes of Alston (including Garrigill), Knarsdale, Kirkhaugh, Whitfield, Simonburn, and part of Haltwhistle formed the Franchise of Tynedale and was holden by the Kings of Scotland of the Crown of England.

"The Manor of Alston and other lands were given to William de Veteriponte by William the Lion King of Scotland. This grant was confirmed by King John on May 10 10th, 1209.

"Ivo de Veteriponte gave the 'Advowson of the Church of Alderston and the Chapel of Gerardegile' to the Canons of Hexham in 1215. This grant received the confirmation of King John.

"The son of Ivo was Robert. Edwrd I recovered from Robert Veteriponte the manor of Alston.

"The manor was restored to Nicholas de Veteriponte in 1282. He died in 1315, and by an inquest it was found that he died possessed of  'the capital messuage in Alderstone,' and that he 'had 33 tenants in Gerardsgill,' who had 33 shielings.

"These lands, with others, remained in this family until until 1443."

Introduction to Garragill - St John's Church (Chapel-of-Ease to St Augustine's, Alston) - The Register from 1699 - 1730: edited by Caesar Caine 1901

In Donald's map of 1774 (above), in addition to Garrillgate there are 32 farms individually named within the Chapelry of Garrigill. These must bear a close relationship to the 33 tenancies in 1315 although some such as Low Cragg, Middle Cragg, Cragfield and High Cragg probably represent a subdivision on one of the original tenancies.

The Alston Drift Roll of 1597 lists 37 tenements and their drift rights.

Noticeable how houses are situated on streams running down the hillside to avoid a well or a trip down to the river.

Following the South Tyne downstream from Tynehead to Silly Hole:-

Calvert, Calvertfold NY7533 3638

Covert Hall is marked on Donald's map near the source of the South Tyne. Calvert End (NY7400 3558) on Round hill overlooks the Tees. There was a lead mine on the Calvert Burn. Calvert Fold is at an altitude of about 560m (1850 feet) and is the highest known habitation in Tynehead. (Showside in Eshgill is higher at 580m).

Martha, daughter of Robert Lancester of Calvert was baptised 17 Oct 1770, buried 31 Jan 1771
John, son of Samuel Little of Calvert Fold, was baptised 5 May 1771
Rachel, daughter of Samuel & Rachel Little of Calvert Fold, was baptised 1 April 1774
Martha, illegitimate daughter of John Lancaster of Calvert, was baptised 6 April 1776
Samuel, son of Samuel and Rachel Little of Calvert, was baptised 27 October 1776
William, son of Samuel and Rachel Little of Calvertfold, was baptised 22 August 1779
Lucy, daughter of Samuel Little of Calvertfold, was baptised 7 June 1782

Cocklake NY 7561 3729

Tongue Meadow Heads NY 7662 3758

Meadowhead, Town-meadow Heads

On page 80 [List of Churchwardens] we have "Town-meadow Heads." These lands to-day are spoken of as " Tonguemeadow Heads." But the Redwing Register also has "Townmeadow Heads" like the Church books.

1871 Census Enumeration District 10
All that part of the Chapelry of Garrigill in the Parish of Alston that lies east of the River Tyne from Garrigill Burn to the head of Tyne including Beldy, Frice Green, Dodberry, Loaning Head, Bridge End, Ashgill, Ashgill Keys Cottage, Priorsdale House, Hole Farm, Tyne Head and Towns Meadow Head.

1871 census The last property in Garrigill on the east side of the South Tyne, beyond Side House, occupied by Nicholas Anderson, farmer of 40 acres.

Side NY 7619 3797

Shown on the 1899 25" to 1 mile map

Tynehead NY 7627 3806

Dorthgill thumbnailDorthgill    NY 7586 3801
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West Ashgill NY 7559 3931

Lee House

Over Lee House, High Lee House

Middle Lee House

Low Lee House NY 7538 3988
Lowley House (1774)

Next house up the valley from Howgillsike.

In 1841 the house consisted of four dwellings occupied by the families of Joseph Watson, Wallace Millican, Isaac Craig and Thomas Pearson.

Howgillsike NY7523 4026
Hougill Sike, Howgillsyke
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Ashgill, Eshgill
Ashgillside NY7540 4065

Mid Ashgill NY7607 4016
High Ashgill NY 7611 3981
West Ashgill NY 7559 3931 (n.b. on the west bank of the South Tyne)
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    High Snappergill NY 7505 4141
    Snappergill NY 7490 4130
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Windy Hall

Middle Houses NY7429 4220
(Unusually an error on the 1:25000 map Midde Houses)

Low Houses    NY7420 4205

Fewsteads NY 7403 4250   
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Properties on the left bank

    Low Skydes    NY 7292 4245
    High Skydes   NY 7316 4235

    High Dryburn
    Fair View
    Far Dryburn
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High Rotherhope


Littlegill NY 7139 4293


Little Gill Cottage in Ashgill NY 7699 4049

Low House Farm

Rotherhope Tower

Howburn NY7106 4328

Properties on the right bank

Wheelbarrow Hall, Howhill

Frequently mentioned in parish registers until at least 1775. Mentioned in Alston Moor Enclosure Award in description of Craggs Green Road as 'beginning at last mentioned road at Wheelbarrow Hall or Howhill leading south east by the south east angle of Low House freehold then turning south west to Low House Loanning Head. (Incidental reference in  a footpath map modification order). In other words the property later known as Howhill (at NY 7296 4323).

St John's Church
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Methodist Chapels

Gatehead Primitive Methodist Chapel NY 7459 4117
Garrigill Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
Redwing Independent Chapel NY7386 4181
Tynehead Methodist Chapel NY 7548 3932 - shared the premises of the later Tynehead school (not Dorthgill)  opposite Over Lee House

Tithe Map

Tithe map of Alston (parish), Cumberland (tithable parts only). Shows manor boundaries, buildings (named), landownership, field names and acreages, field gates, common (named), footpath and/or bridleway, bridges. Reference table lists estates and owners. Colouring used. Scale: part 2 at 1 inch to 15 chains [1:11,880] is an index map which shows the relative positions of the separate mapped areas shown in Part 1 [mapped at an unknown scale]. Map is described as 'sketches of each of the leasehold estates situate within the manor of Tynehead'
National Archives [Not seen]

National Library of Scotland
Cumberland/Northumberland (Old Series)  25" to the mile.
Revised: 1859
Published: 1861
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Middle Skydes, Low Skydes, Dryburn
XLII.2 (1898)  
High Skydes
Low Redwing, High Redwing
Low Houses, Beldy
Garrigill, Loaning Head
Gatehead, Pasture Houses
Howgill Sike, Low Lee, Mid Lee, Over Lee, Tynehead School
XII.11 (1898)
XLII.13 XLII.14 (1891)
Cross Gill, Noonstones Hill
Hill House, Hole House
Dorthgill, Tynehead, Sir John's Mine

Detailed Old Victorian Ordnance Survey 6 inch to 1 mile Old Map (1888-1913) of , Alston, Cumbria, United Kingdom Map Centre Decimal Latitude/Longitude (WGS84): 54.808019, -2.452709,%20Alston,%20Cumbria&latitude=54.808019&longitude=-2.452709&  1865 1:10,560

Donald's 1774 map

Modern OS large scale mapping