Dukesfield Smeltmill

Grid Reference:

OS Sheet 87 NY 941 579


Approximately 5 miles south of Hexham in lower wooded valley of Devil's Water. About 200m along a well-defined track running alongside the river from a point about 50m E of the road bridge to the N of the site.

Owner:  Allendale Estate (Viscount Allendale)

Status:   Listed


Two arches in gothic style are all that remains of the Dukesfield Smeltmill. The arches are probably the only architecturally-designed examples known. The smeltmill was built in the early eighteenth century by the Blackett-Beaumonts (now Lord Allendale) to take the ores from the Rookhope and Allendale areas. Dukesfield was the largest of the Blackett-Beaumont smeltmills. It was demolished in 1837 when the Allen Smeltmill was built and roads were improved into Allendale.

Work carried out: Trees growing out of stonework were removed, fallen masonry was replaced and structure was repointed.

Work to be carried out: Care and maintainance.

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