Family History Notebook

Description of Hexhamshire Quarters from 1861 Census

ED 19                          Folios 52-56                   243 persons

[ illegible ] in Whitley Chapelry Ecclesiastical District

The  whole of the Township of Hexham High Quarter  (including) Hasley Well, New Houses, Hill House, Long Lee, Steele Stobby Lee Folly, Harewood Shield, Riddlemhope, Hathery burn, Water Head, Hallywell, Grouse house, Cockershield Westburnhope Gareshield Rowley Head Stotsfold, Stotsfold Cottage, Leitridge Lodge, Surf House, Peacock house, Hackford, Hackford Mill, Stone House Greenways, Leitridge, White Hall, Broadwell House, Lillswood (hamlet) Lane House, High Park House. Eads Bush Park house

ED 20                          Folios 60-69                   454 persons

Hexham Low Quarter & Towns (part of) in Hexham Parish, in Whitley Chapel Ecclesiastical District

The  whole of the Township of Hexham Low Quarter lying on the South side of Dipton Burn including Dipton MIll, Sheelaw Green, Windy Hill, Oxenrods, Loadman, Nicholas Dipton Houses, Fogget Hill Farm, Hill Shop, Newbegin, Nunbrough, Ordley, Ordley Letch,Pethfoot, Fine Chambers & Mill, The Meeting House, Lee, Lee Moor Houses, Juniper, Blackhall Mill, Steele, Dyehouse, Blackhall, Junipers Cottage, Smelting Syke, Wagtail, Dolland Park, Dolland Fell House,& Channell Well House.

Hexham Low Quarter Township (part of) in Hexham Parish

Part of the Township of Hexham Low Quarter on the Northside of Dipton Burn and not included in the Whitley Chapel Ecclesiastical District
Linold Mill   Lamb Shield, Fulling Mill, Birks, Houtley, Hole House and Newbiggin Garden House

ED 21                           Folios 73-79                  255 persons

Hexham Middle Quarter Township in Hexham Parish

Whitley Chapelry Ecclesiastical District

The  whole of the Township of Hexham Middle Quarter  (including the Walley Thorn, Upper Ardley, Low Ardley, Hamburn Hall, Ardley Stobb, Edge House, Ardley Fell, Spital Shield, High Lane House, Low Lane House, High Eshells Low Eshells, Heigh, Burnt Rigg, Heathery Haugh, Winter House, Spring Well House, Salmon Fields, West Rawgreen, Rawgreen Shop, East Rawgreen, Aydon Shields, Low Holmes, High Holmes, Mire House, Moss House, Mole Close, Whitley School House, Mire Meadows, Woodside, High Staples, Low Staples, Mollersteads, Whitley Cottage, Whitley Mill, Earthly Mires, Holly Close, Holly Bush Cottage, Dalton, Barker House.

ED 22                            Folios 83-88                  257 persons

Hexhamshire West Quarter  including Low and High Yarridge, Hall Shield, East and West Greenridge, Mr Cuthbert's House, Paize. Low Stublick and the Colliery, Moss House, Nubbock, Snape, Bagraw. Longhope. Coastley Fell House. Hackford, Coastley. West Wood. Burn Foot. West Boat and West Boat Bridge, Earnshaws House. High Wood, Highside Spital. Watsons House. Spital Hall. Summerrods. Cemetry House. Bagraw Cottage & Schoolmasters House. Nubbock. Woodmans House, and Nubbock Lodge.