Blackcleugh - Kirkhaugh, Northumberland

Blackcleugh in Kirkhaugh is a very similar farm to Blackcleugh on the West Allen. Located three miles north-west of Alston (grid reference NY698516) where the Blackcleugh Burn meets the Barhaugh Burn before the Barhaugh Burn runs into the South Tyne river. It can be seen in the 1865 map and in a modern overhead photo. Although mining was not so well developed as in the West Allen, there was a coal mine at Barhaugh, 500 yards away which operated until the 20th century, and pits, probably lead mines, higher up the fell to the east. Copper had been mined on Knarsdale Common, three miles to the west, from early times.

It is very likely therefore that room was found at Blackcleugh to provide accommodation for miners in the 19th and early 20th century.

The church at Kirkhaugh was a mile upstream on the other side of the river but any non-conformists are as likely to have worshipped in Alston (over the county border in Cumberland).


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Marriage indexes for Kirkhaugh for 1761-1837 (6 kbytes) from the George Bell Collection of Durham and Northumberland Indexes.