Family History Notebook

Andrew Swindle

Son of William Swindale and Ann Corbett born 22 April 1807 in Scotch Wood, Newburn, baptised 25 February 1810 in Ryton, County Durham.

Married Jane Jackson on 19th November 1831 in St John, Newcastle (1814 - 1881)


Ann, born c 1832 in Northumberland1
William, baptised on the 24th of September 1834 in Gosforth, Northumberland
Nicholas, baptised on the 19th of June 1836 at Gosforth, Northumberland (Swindler)
Andrew Jackson, baptised on the 12th of May 1838. in St Andrew, Newcastle upon Tyne (d. before 1841?)
Thomas, baptised on the 3rd of January 1841 in Gosforth, Northumberland
Jackson, born 1857 in Seaham 1

William Kenmire, born 1858 in Morpeth. 1

Buried on the 5th of January 1879 at St Mary's, Monk Heselden

PersonID 05331


1    In 1861 Jackson Swindle, a 'son' aged 3 is living with Andrew and Jane, as well as a grandson William Kenmire aged 2. It seems possible that William at least is an illegitimate son of  the eldest son, William. Note the 16 year gap between Jackson and his next youngest sibling Thomas.

2    All the family give their birth county as Durham in 1841.

3    Jane Jackson, daughter of Nicholas Jackson and Elizabeth Watson, baptised on the 17th of July 1814 in Walbottle, Newburn, Northumberland


a)    1841 UK census    A coal miner (34) in Wingate married to Jane (27) with 4 children. James Jackson is living with the family. (Swindale)
        1851 UK census    Still at Wingate. The three boys (16, 14, 11) are also working at the mine
        1861 UK census    Now in Monkhesleden, with his son Thomas. Another son Jackson, and grandson William Kenmire.
        1871 UK census, cont    Still in Monkhesleden with his wife, sons William and Jackson and grandson William
        1881 UK census    Jane, now widowed, is living in Monkhesleden with her son William and grandson William.

b)    The death of Andrew Swindle aged 72 was registered in the first quarter of 1879 in the Easington district. (10a 221)
The death of Jane Swindle aged 67 was registered in the second quarter of 1881 in the Easington district (FreeBMD 10a 222)