Family History Notebook

Ann Swindle

Daughter of  Thomas Swindle and Margaret Dawson, born on the 10th of February 1842 at Chair heads, Ninebanks, Northumberland





PersonID 05438


1    In the 1851 census there are three Ann Swindle s all about 10 years old whose subsequent history is hard to distinguish.

a    Ann, granddaughter of Nancy Swindle, aged 9, born in Allendale, Northumberland (i.e. this one)
b    Ann, daughter of Peter Swindle and Mary Swindal, aged 9, born in West Allendale, Northumberland. Dies 1871
c     Ann, 'daughter' of Mary Swindle aged 10, born in Garrigill, Cumberland.

(There is also Anne Swindale, daughter of Joseph and Mary Swindale, but her history is well documented)

One Ann Swindle is working as a domestic servant for Thomas Thomason in Ashgill, Garrigill at the time of the 1871 census - this will be the the Ann Swindle who has an illegitimate child Elliot Thomason Swindle in 1877 and dies in 1911*. Not the Ann who marries in 1871 or the Ann who dies in 1871 ('b'). Not 'a' from 1871 census for 'a'. Therefore 'c'.

*An Ann Swindle of Garrigill was buried in St John's Garrigill, Cumberland on the 27th of November 1911 aged 71

The death of one Ann Swindle is registered in Hexham in quarter 4 of 1871 aged 30 - 'b'  from death certificate'

2    The marriage of an Ann Swindle was registered in the third quarter of 1871 in the Hexham district. (FreeBMD 10b 399). The marriages of John Coats, Joseph Heatherington, Barbara Maughan are listed on the same page.

    This could be the Ann Hetherington, born Welgill, Cumberland aged 42 married to Joseph Hetherington in the 1881 census and could be 'c' above (but isn't)  - but not 'a' or 'b'. In fact Ann appears to be Ann Hetherington née Thompson with the marriage in 1878. Unable to trace this Ann after the marriage - perhaps died before 1881.

3    No further information after 1871. Send for marriage certificate?


a)    1851 UK census, cont    Living in Mill House, West Allen with her widowed father, her grandmother Nancy Swindle, her brother Hugh and two cousins  - George and Thomas
        1861 UK census     Probably this servant in the household of Joseph Forster in Nook, Ninebanks
        1871 UK census    Living with her father and step-mother at Roughside.
        1881 UK census    Not found as Swindle

b)    The birth of Ann Swindle, mother's maiden name Dawson, was registered in the first quarter of 1842 in the Hexham district (FreeBMD / GRO 25 277)