Family History Notebook

Arthur Lancelot Swindale

Son of William Swindale and Mary Ann Sinclair, born 1868 in Plumstead, Kent

Married Hannah Charlotta Brett in 1891 in the Stow district (Suffolk) (born c. 1869 in Stowmarket)


Lancelot Aubrey, born on the 9th of December 1892 in Lewisham, Kent
Robert Charles Bertram, born on the 5th of June 1896 in Lee, Kent
Hilda Mary Alice,  born in 1903 in Lee, Kent

Died 1920 in the Greenwich district.

Person ID 05204


0    Text in red represents information obtained from the internet (family trees etc) which I have not yet confirmed.

1    In printing, a stereotype, also known as a cliché, stereoplate or simply a stereo, was originally a "solid plate of type metal, cast from a papier-mâché or plaster mould (called a flong) taken from the surface of a forme of type" used for printing instead of the original.
The composition of individual cast metal types into lines with leading and furniture, tightly locked into a forme, was labor-intensive and costly. The printer would incur further expense through loss of the type for other uses while held in formes, and the wear to the type during printing. Publishers who did not accurately predict sales were forced into the expense of paying for the type to be reset for subsequent editions. The stereotype radically changed the way books, especially novels, magazine articles and other popular forms of literature, were reprinted, saving printers the expense of resetting while freeing the type for other jobs. (Wikipedia)


a)    1871 UK census, 1881 UK census, cont    Living with his parents at 11 Royal Oak Place, Lee, Kent
        1891 UK census    Still living with his parents at 11 Royal Oak Place, Lee, Kent - a stereotype printer1.
        1901 UK census    Arthur, married to Lottie, with two children is a stereotyper living in Lee, Kent. Two of Lottie's brothers are living with them.
        1911 UK census    Arthur, a stereotyper, is living with his wife Charlotte and children in Catford, Kent
        1939 Register        Hannah C Swindale, born 8th Feb 1865, is living with Robert Swindale in Beckenham

b)    The birth of Arthur Launcelot Swindale, mother's maiden name Sinclair, was registered in the third quarter of 1868 in the Woolwich district (FreeBMD / GRO 1d 863)

        The marriage of Arthur Lancelot Swindale and Hannah Charlotta Brett was registered in the fourth quarter of 1891 in the Stow district (FreeBMD 4a 1431)

        The death of Arthur L. Swindale aged 52 was registered in the fourth quarter of 1920 in the Greenwich district (FreeBMD 1d 955)