Family History Notebook

Barbara Kirsopp Swindale

Daughter of Lancelot Swindale and Hannah Windlow,  born in South Benwell on the 12th of April 1876 in Benwell, baptised on the 30th of May 1876 at Atkinson Road Weslyan Chapel, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland

Married Joseph Wright in 1899.


William, born 1901 in Newcastle
Lancelot Swindale, born 1908 in Newcastle

Died in 1944 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne district.

PersonID 05269


1    Lancelot and his brother Robert would both have been brought up by his father's second wife Barbara (née Kirsopp). This is presumably why both of them named their daughter Barbara Kirsop. The other is Barbara Kirsop Swindale

2    There are two marriages registered for a Barbara Kirsopp Swindale, one in the first quarter of 1899 in Newcastle and one in the third quarter of 1901 in Tynemouth. (Information from Norman Swindle). Since Robert's daughter is still living with him in the 1901, it must be this Barbara who married in 1899.

3    Note the spelling Swindle in Barbara's son's name in 1911 - but Swindale in birth registration.

4    No further children in BMDs after 1911


a)    1881 UK census    Living with her parents in Benwell.
        1891 UK census    Now living with her parents in Elswick.
        1901 UK census    Living in Elswick, married to Joseph Wright (28), a cooper.
        1911 UK census    Barbara Kirsopp Wright, married to Joseph (37), cooper, living in Elswick with two sons - William Wright and Lancelot Swindle Wright.
        1939 Register        Barbara K Wright, born 11 April 1876, Joseph Wright, wharf labourer, born 28 Oct 1873 are living at 2, Hauxley Gardens, Newcastle.

b)    The birth of Barbara Kirsop Swindale, mother's maiden name Windlow, was registered in the second quarter of 1876 in the Newcastle upon Tyne district (FreeBMD 10b 35)

        The marriage of Barbara Kirsopp Swindale and Joseph Wright was registered in the first quarter of 1899 in the Newcastle-upon-Tyne district (FreeBMD 10b 187)

        The death of Barbara K Wright aged 68 was registered in the third quarter of 1944 in the Newcastle upon Tyne district (FreeBMD 10b 1)

c)    Correspondence 13/11/2017

I’m afraid I have no information beyond what is in the census and the civil registration indexes. I assume ‘your’ Joseph L. Wright is the Joseph Lumsdon (or Luinsdow??) Wright, mother’s maiden name Main, whose birth was registered in the third quarter of 1873 in the Newcastle district (10b 47). He would be of the right age but so would another Joseph Wright registered Newcastle 1873 Q4, or one registered in Tynemouth 1874 Q2.
‘My’ Joseph Wright is a cooper, as is the Joseph Wright, son of William Wright in the 1891 census. However Joseph L Wright is the son of George Wright so I think it is unlikely that he is the Joseph Wright who married Barbara Swindale.
The 1939 register lists Joseph Wright born 28 October 1873 with Barbara K Wright born 12 Apr 1876 which confirms that he is not Joseph Lumsdon Wright. There is another Joseph Wright born 1873, a retired coal miner living in Newburn but he was born 15th May 1873 so unlikely to be your Joseph. His (presumed) wife was named Sarah J.
From: Russell Masters []
Sent: 12 November 2017 19:17
Subject: Joseph Wright - Barbara Swindale
Dear Alan,
I stumbled across your website when doing a bit of research.
I'm trying to figure out if the Joseph Wright who married Barbara Kirsopp Swindale is my 1st cousin 5 times removed.
Mine is a Joseph L Wright, born c.1874 in Newcastle to George and Margaret Wright. He lived in the Elswick area of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1881 and 1891. I wondered if you had any info? It certainly seems to be the case, but I lack the proof at the moment.
Kind regards,
Russell Masters