Family History Notebook

Barbara Swindle

Daughter of Edward Swindle and Eleanor Swindle, baptised 8 August 1802 in Chester-le-Street, Co. Durham

Married 2,3




PersonID 05147


1    Barbara's father Edward used the spelling Swinney at his marriage, as did her brother George

2    Possibly the Barbara Swindle who  married  John Curry on 14th June 1824 in Chester-le-Street, Co. Durham but this is more probably Barbara Swindle, the daughter of Thomas Swindle and Jane Charlton, born 1804

3    Possibly the Barbara Swinney who married Thomas Patterson in St Mary's, Gateshead on the 10th of September 1827. 

No Barbara Patterson of the right age found in 1841 census.

Barbara Patterson age 50 of Chollerton in the 1841 census is married to James Patterson. Did Barbara die young?