Family History Notebook

Christopher Swindal

Son of Richard Swindel baptised 5 January 1667/8 in Hexham

Married Catherine Orde on 25 April 1698 in Hexham (buried 17th May 1741 in Whitfield)


    Margaret, born at Dalton, baptised 15th July 1699 in Hexham, Northumberland
    Peter, born at Dotland, baptised 29th June 1703 in Hexham, Northumberland
    John, born at Dotland, baptised 30th December 1705 in Hexham, Northumberland, buried 11th March 1705/6
    Barbara, born at Temple House, baptised 22 March 1708/9 in Haydon Bridge, Northumberland

Buried 28 January 1740/41 in Whitfield, Northumberland

Christopher is said to be from Nook in 1698, Dalton (1km south of Dotland) in 1699, but a yeoman of Dotland in 1703 and 1705, from Temple House 1  in Haydon Bridge in 1709. Later he appears to have moved to the lead smelter at Whitfield Mill where his son Peter found work and his two daughters married other workers at the smelter.

PersonID 05265


1    Temple House is just south of the river on the approach to Haydon Bridge from Hexham. In 1709 Deodatus Threlkeld conveyed ....Temple house to John Aynesley. (A History of Northumberland Pt II Vol III Rev John Hodgson 1896 p369)

2    P(?)l(?)eans (?) Orde was godmother to Christopher's first child.