Family History Notebook

Eleanor Swindale

Daughter of George Swindale and Anne Dodds, baptised 2 October 1768 in Heworth, County Durham. (Twin to Margaret)

Possibly the Eleanor Swindle who married Edward Swindle.
Edward Swinney married Eleanor Swinney on the 6th of May 1799 at Heworth, County Durham


    George, born 16 February 1800 at Urpeth, baptised 23 March 1800 in the parish of Chester-le-Street
    Barbara, born 28 May  1802 at Birtley Northside, baptised 8 August 1802 in the parish of Chester-le-Street
    Edward, born 31 January 1804 at Urpeth, baptised 13 May 1804 in the parish of Chester-le-Street
    John, born 12 February 1807 in Chester, baptised 17 May 1807 in the parish of Chester-le-Street

Buried 2

PersonID 05088


1    The four children listed above are recorded as being the children of Edward Swindle ... and Eleanor Swindle n of Heworth. Neighbouring records quote the mother's maiden name or leave it blank. Thus Eleanor's maiden name can be assumed to be Swindle.  Another Eleanor Swindale  married Matthew Robson on 29 December 1787 in Corbridge, Northumberland

2    An Eleanor Swinhoe of Penshaw was buried on the 2nd of April 1834 at St Mary and St Cuthbert, Chester le Street aged 67