Family History Notebook

George Swindle

Son of Peter Swindall and Jane Thompson, baptised 17th December 1746 in Whitfield, Northumberland

Married Elizabeth Wigham on 19th February 1776 in Ninebanks, Northumberland (Black Cleugh). 1


    Jane, baptised 30th November 1776 in Allendale, Northumberland
    Betty, baptised 6th March 1779 in Allendale, Northumberland
    Mary, baptised 9th September 1781 in Allendale, Northumberland
    Hannah, baptised 18th September 1784 in Allendale, Northumberland

Married Mary Jordan on 23rd November 1786 in Allendale, Northumberland


    John, baptised 24th September 1787 in Ninebanks, Northumberland (Giercoats)
    Rachael, baptised 1st January 1790 in Ninebanks, Northumberland (Farneyside)
    George, baptised 20th January 1793 in Ninebanks, Northumberland (Farneyside)
    Sarah, baptised 14th November 1795 in Ninebanks, Northumberland (Farneyside)

Buried 30 April 1798 at Ninebanks from Farneyside

PersonID 05443


1    The marriage is recorded against two dates in the IGI, 8th February and 19th February. The earlier date may be just banns.

2    1    The marriages of Rachel and Sarah Swindle are recorded at Berwick-on-Tweed in 1816 and 1821 respectively. It seems very likely that these are the two daughters of George Swindle who died when they were 3 and 8 years old respectively. Was Mary Jordan from northern Northumberland? No

3    George was allocated an allotment of 9 acres of land in the inclosure of 1792/1801 in respect of his ownership of Farneyside

It appears that George (b 1793) might have been working down a coal pit in Walker, Northumberland in 1800 (when he was 7!) so Mary Jordan does seem to have moved the family away from Allendale.

4     Baptised Swindal at Whitfield,like his siblings. His children are Swindale and Swinedale in the Allendale baptism registers. Swindle in the Ninebanks registers. Swindle for his Ninebank's marriages. George signs his name Swindle in the record of  his marriage to Mary Jordan - though the entry is in the name of George Swindale.