Family History Notebook

George Swindle

Son of John Swindle and Mary Stout, baptised on the 27th of November 1827 at Garrigill, Cumberland. 4

Married Hannah 1Bell (26 July 1832 - 31 March 1875) 2 around 1852.3


John, born in 1853 in Garrigill, Cumberland 1
Robert, born in 1856 in Garrigill, Cumberland 1

Married Eliza Treloar (née Roberts) in 1878 6 (1841-1935)

Children 6

George, b 1879 in Creswick (d 1882)
Mary Jane, b 1881 in Creswick

Died on the 29th of May 1887 in Creswick, Victoria, Australia6

PersonID  02290

Headstone Creswick
Headstone at Creswick, Victoria


       George's father died when he was 10 with a brother and two sisters. He was a lead miner by the time he was 14, living with his widowed mother at Middle Houses in Garrigill and was still a lead miner living with his mother in 1851. He  presumably married Hannah (Bell) about 1852 but the marriage has not been found in the BMD index nor in parish registers.
    George emigrated in July 1862 to Australia on the Mistress of the Seas. Had probably travelled out in 1857 aboard the Red Jacket (with a possible earlier trip in 1854 aboard the Lightning) and then returned for his wife and children5. Settled at Creswick, Victoria (north of Ballarat) c possibly attracted by the gold rush but then applying his mining skills to the deeper gold mines being operated later.
        George's wife Hannah died in 1875 at Creswick from consumption. In 1878 he married again to a widow Eliza Treloar (née Roberts). He died 9 years later in 1887. He was described as a miner at the time of his death but in the rate books he was described as a carter.


1    Just possible that Hannah was a widow with one or two children when George married her. NO. John and Robert Swindle's births are registered with their mother's maiden name as Bell. Hannah was born in 'Alston' - probably Garrigill

2    Unmarried 1851, John born 1853. Marriage not found in BMD

3    If his age of 26 at the time of the 1851 census is correct he would have been born around 1825. His older sister Susan was baptised in 1824. However he gave his age in 1862 as 35.

4    George is not listed with his wife and children in the 1861 census.

5  Hannah, daughter of Robert Bell and Nanny Smith, born 26 Jul 1832, , baptised 1 Oct 1832 at Weslyan Methodist, Garrigill
1841 UK census Garrigill:  Robert and Nanny Bell with children John, Robert, Joshua, Hannah, Thomas, Mary,  Elizabeth

6    Eliza, daughter of Henry and Mary Roberts, born 14 January 1841 in Menherion Cornwall according to Treloar family tree on Ancestry. NO See death register #g

6    I did have a date of death of 22nd May 1887 noted. The grave memorial appears to give the date of death as 20th May but the cemetery records state 29th May.


a)    1841 census, cont    George is living with his (widowed) mother Mary in Garrigill Gate, along with siblings  John, Mary and Ann. Susannah is living next door with Mary's father.
        1851 census    George (26), a lead miner, is living with his mother and four siblings.
        1861 census    Hannah is living at Alston, a lead miner's wife, with sons John (7) and Robert (5)

b)    Information supplied by Mary Pattinson via J. Bryan Swindle via Joan Shrewsbury.

c)    Letters and information supplied by Janet Garlick
The letters identify Hannah as the daughter of an Ann Bell, with probably brothers Robert, Thomas, Joshua, Jacob and sister Mary Ann (Greenwell). The letters mention a Robert and Johnny Swindle farming in New South Wales who are presumably George's sons Robert and John

d)    e-mails from Deborah Atkinson 2010

e)    Australia Marriage Index, 1788-1949

Name George Swindle
Spouse Name Eliza Treloar
Marriage Place Victoria
Registration Place Victoria
Registration Year 1878
Registration Number 1707

f)    Will and Probate

Name: George Swindle
Spouse Name: Eliza Treloar
Marriage Place: Victoria
Registration Place: Victoria
Registration Year: 1878
Registration Number: 1707

g)    Australia Death Index 1787 - 1985

Name: George Swindle
Birth Year: abt 1827
Age: 60
Death Place: Creswick, Victoria
Father's name: John
Mother's name: Mary Stout
Registration Year: 1887
Registration Place: Victoria
Registration Number: 6016

Name: Hannah Swindle
Birth Year: abt 1833
Age: 42
Death Place: Victoria
Father's name: Ball Robert
Mother's name: Ann Smith
Registration Year: 1875
Registration Place: Victoria
Registration Number: 1450

Name: Eliza Swindle
Birth Year: abt 1841
Age: 94
Death Place: Fitzroy, Victoria
Father's name: Jno Roberts
Mother's name: Mary Roberts
Registration Year: 1935
Registration Place: Victoria
Registration Number: 4236

  h)     Australia Cemetery Index, 1808-2007 [database on-line].

Name: George Swindle
Death Date: 29 May 1887
Cemetery: Creswick
Cemetery Location: Creswick, Victoria
Remarks: additional information available from AIGS