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George Swindle

Probably the son of John Swindle, born c1830 in Allendale, Northumberland 1

Married? Catherine Somers or Summers 1 (1832 - ?)


John, born 1854 in Eston, Yorkshire
George, born 1856 in Eston, baptised on the 15th of September 1856 in Guisborough, Yorkshire
Thomas, born 1859 in Northumberland
Peter, born 1861 in Guisborough district
Joseph, born 1864/5 in Pennsylvania
Wallace / Valentine, born 1864/5 in Pennsylvania
Mary J, born 1867/8 in Pennsylvania
Robert, born 1870 in Pennsylvania

Died after 1900 census

PersonID 1481


George is probably the son of John Swindle but it is not known whom his mother was. George was either orphaned or abandoned by 1841 and he was brought up by his grandmother (Ann Swindle nee Nancy Bell) with whom he was living in the West Allen valley in Northumberland at the time of the 1841 and 1851 censuses. At the age of 12 he was, like most lads in the West Allen, a lead ore dresser breaking down the lead ore to sizes suitable for smelting. Ten years later he was a lead ore miner.

The decline of the lead mining industry was not yet significant in the 1850s so it must have been better prospects that drew him to the ironstone mining in the Cleveland Hills. It is not known where he married Catherine Somers - or indeed whether they were ever formally married. In 1862 George emigrated to Pennsylvania where he became a coal miner. He must have decided the prospects were good because he brought out his family out the following year. By 1880 he had moved to Nelsonville in Athens County in Ohio where the combination of good coal and a railway line to transport the coal led to reasonable prosperity for the region. The Swindle family, later known as Swindell, were to remain in Athens County for the next hundred years or more.

George is not found in the 1910 census so he probably died between 1900 and 1910. There is a death registration in Jacksonville in 1909 for a George Swindell but this could have been his son George, whose wife Elizabeth remarried in 1909.


0    Text in red represents information obtained from the internet (family trees etc) which I have not yet confirmed.

1    Mary (14)  and George (12) are listed as living at Peat Shield, West Allendale, Northumberland at the time of the 1841 census, with Ann Swindle ('65')

    In the 1851 census George (20), Thomas (16), Ann (9), Hugh (7) are all described as grand-children of Nancy Swindle. This implies that they must be children of either her son John or her son Thomas. Ann and Hugh are young enough to be the children of Thomas Swindle and Margaret Dawson but George and Thomas must be the sons of John.

2    Birth March 1833, year of immigration to USA 1862 - according to 1900 census.

3    It is possible that the George son of John was the George Swindle who emigrated to Australia aboard the Red Jacket in 1857. However the George in Guisborough in 1861 was born in Allendale and this George is the only one known to meet that description.

4    There is a death of a George Swindle registered in Jacksonville, Athens, Ohio on 4 Aug 1909 but this could be either father or son, both alive in 1900 but neither of whom are found in the 1910 census.

Ohio death records available on Ancestry only commence in 1908.

The wife of George Swindle the younger, Elizabeth Swindell (née Skiver), widowed, married Peter Maillard on the 25th of November 1909 so her husband had definitely died.

Assigning the 1909 death date to George Swindle the younger will have little practical effect on the genealogy but it is just possible that George Swindle the elder disappeared from the census because he moved elsewhere. However George Swindle the elder probable died between 1900 and 1908, ie between 70 and 80 years old.


a)    1841 UK census    George (12) is living with Mary (14) and Ann Swindle (65) in Peat Shield in the West Allen valley.
        1851 UK census, cont    Living in Mill House, West Allen are Nancy Swindle, her widowed son Thomas and 4 grandchildren - George (20), Thomas (16), Ann (9) and Hugh (7)
        1861 UK census    George (29, born Allendale), married to Catherine (28, born Greenock, Scotland) is an iron miner living in [St...n] Cross, Guisborough
        Emigrated to USA in 1862 with his wife and children following in 1863.
        1870 US census, cont George (39, born England), married to Catherine (37) is a coal miner in West Salem, Mercer County, Pennsylvania. Children John to Robert
        1880 US census George (50, born England), married to Catherine (48) is a coal miner in Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio, with 7 children at home.
        1900 US census  George (67) is still a coal miner in Trimble, Athens County, married to Catherine (66) with children John, Peter and Mary at home. (Swindell)
        1910 US census    Neither George nor Catherine nor John found. Peter, Mary not yet investigated.

b)    Ohio, Deaths, 1908-1932, 1938-2007 [Online database with images of index]

Name George Swindle
Death Date 4 Aug 1909
Death Place Jacksonville, Athens, Ohio, USA

x)    The birth of John Swindle, mother's maiden name Somers, was registered in the fourth quarter of 1854 in the Guisborough district (GRO 9d 378)
        The birth of George Swindle, mother's maiden name Somers, was registered in the third quarter of 1856 in the Guisborough district (GRO 9d 405)
        The birth of Thomas Swindle, mother's maiden name Summers, was registered in the second quarter of 1859 in the Castle Ward district (10b 199) (Northumberland)
        The birth of Peter Swindle, mother's maiden name Summers was registered in the fourth quarter of 1861 in the Guisborough district (GRO 9d 415)