Family History Notebook

George Swinney

Son of James Croudace Swinney and Mary Ann Laws, born on the 14th of June 1882 in Felling, County Durham

Married Annie Ritchie Turnbull on the 6th of January 1912 in St Alban's Church, Heworth (1892 - 1976)


James Croudace, born on the 27th of May 1912 in Heworth
Margaret Turnbull, born on the 25th of August 1914 in the Tynemouth district (d.1919)
? Hannah Isobel C, born on the 9th of April 1916 in the Tynemouth district.
Ann Ritchie, born on the 5th of May 1917 in the Tynemouth district3
 ? Frances Bell, born on the 12th of November 1917 in the Tynemouth district3
Mary Ann, born on the 19th of October 1919 in the Gateshead district
Jean, born in 1922 in the Gateshead district (d. 1923)
George B., born in 1924 in the Gateshead district
John Laws, born on the 3rd of July 1926 in the Gateshead district
Elizabeth, born on the 27th August 1928 in the Gateshead district
Frank, born 1931 in the Gateshead district.

??Mary S.L., born in 1920 Q1 in the Tynemouth district (d.1925)
??Leslie, born on the 1st of May 1926 in the Tynemouth district (d.1998)

Died on the 3rd of May 1953 at 37 Greenbourne Gardens, Windy Nook, Felling c

Person ID 05094


0    Text in red represents information obtained from the internet (family trees etc) which I have not yet confirmed.

1    Both George and his brother John married a Turnbull. The combined list of their children are those with Swinney / Turnbull parents, ie could be either father. Information from the Army pension records and from the 1939 Register positively identifies some children. John died in the third quarter of 1919.

2    George enlisted in 1902, transferred to the reserves in 1910 but mobilized on 5th August 1914. Discharged 21/8/1916 as no longer physically fit for war service. Only 69 days service in France before being wounded and transferred to home service for a further 1 year and 302 days.

3    Obviously Ann and Frances, both born 1917, have different mothers. Since Ann, by virtue of her name, is more likely to be the child of George Swinney and Ann Ritchie Turnbull then Frances is more likely to the the daughter of John Laws Swinney and Sarah Turnbull.

Again Leslie Swinney and John Laws Swinney junior must have different mothers. The mothers of both have the maiden name Turnbull. John L. Swinney is found in the 1939 census with George - so who are the parents of Leslie Swinney?

4    It appears that George and Ann moved across the Tyne to Gateshead by 1919. This indicates that Mary S L Swinney and Leslie Swinney are not their children


a)    1891 UK census    The three orphaned children are found with their great-aunt Hannah Crodace and great-grandmother 'Lucteria Crodace' in Heworth in 1891.
        1901 UK census    The three siblings are still with their great-aunt Annah Crodass and great-grandmother Lucrecia Crodace' in Heworth. George is a coal miner.
        1911 UK census    The family is still together, living with Elizabeth who has married. George is now a labourer in the shipyards.
        1939 Register    George is a retired miner in Felling. Living with him are his wife and children Mary A, John L., Elizabeth and REDACTED (Frank?)

b)    The birth of George Swinny, mother's maiden name Laws, was registered in the third quarter of 1882 in the Gateshead district (GRO 10a 802) 

        The marriage of George Swinney and Ann R Turnbull was registered in the first quarter of 1912 in the Gateshead district (FreeBMD 10a 1199)

        The death of George Swinney aged 70 was registered in the second quarter of 1953 in the N.E. Durham district (FreeBMD 1a 427)

c)    British Army WWI Pension Records 1914-1920 [database on-line with images]. 

Name: George Swinney
Gender: Male
Birth Date: abt 1883
Birth Place: Heworth, Durham, England
Marriage Date: 6 Jan 1912
Marriage Place: St Albans Church Heworth
Age: 19
Document Year: 1902
Regimental Number: 21595
Regiment Name: Royal Field Artillery
Form Title: Short Service Attestation
Number of Images: 16
Family Members:
Name Relation to Soldier
George Swinney Self (Head)
Ann Ritchie Turnbull Spouse
James Croudace, born 27 May 1912  Child
Margaret Turnbull born 25 August 1914   Child

Includes death certificate.

Name on medical report given as George Reid Swinney - wrong George Swinney