Family History Notebook

Hannah Isobel C Swinney

Born on the 9th of April 1916 in the Tynemouth district.
Possibly daughter of George Swinney and Annie Ritchie Turnbull.  2
Possibly daughter of John Laws Swinney and Sarah A Turnbull 2

Married James C Jobson in 1941 in the Willesden district. (Middlesex)



Died 1997

Person ID 05097


0    Text in red represents information obtained from the internet (family trees etc) which I have not yet confirmed.

1    There are a number of apparent lodgers with the Jobson family in 1939. Son James is living at home. It seems likely that Hannah moved south for work and then met James rather than vice-versa.

2    There seems little basis for determining between brothers George Swinney and John Swinney as Hannah's father (other than sending for the birth certificate!) (Both had married a Turnbull). However Hannah seems too early after the birth of Margaret to be George's daughter.


a)    1939 Register    Hannah I Swinney, born 9.4.16, is living with the Jobson family in Willesden, Middlesex.1

b)    The birth of I C Swinney, mother's maiden name Turnbull, was registered in the second quarter of 1916 in the Tynemouth district (10b 559)

        The marriage of Hannah I C Swinney and James C Jobson was registered in the first quarter of 1941 in the Willesden district (3a 1072)

        The death of Hannah Isobel Jobson born 9 April 1916 was registered in the first quarter of 1997 in the North Tyneside district (0541C 276)