Family History Notebook

Isabel Fairley Swindale

Daughter of Robert Swindale and Margaret Jane Thompson, born on the 6th of January 1895 in Newcastle upon Tyne

Married John Hodgson in 1924



Died in 1965 in the Newcastle-upon-Tyne district

PersonID 5236




a)    1901 UK census    Living with her parents in Elswick.
        1911 UK census     Living with her widowed father in Elswick, along with her five siblings.
        1939 Register         John Hodgson, a head postman born 24 Nov 1892, and Isabel, born 6 Jan 1895, are living in Newcastle.

b)    The birth of Isabel Fairley Swindale. mother's maiden name Thompson, was registeredin the first quarter of 1895 in Newcastle upon Tyne (FreeBMD /GRO 10b 36)

          The marriage of Isabel F. Swindale and John Hodgson was registered in the fourth quarter of 1924 in the Newcastle upon Tyne (FreeBMD 10b 327)

        The death of Isabel F Hodgson, aged 70, was registered in the third quarter of 1965 in the Newcastle-upon-Tyne district (1b 62)