Family History Notebook

Jane Cook

Born about 1776 according to the age on her gravestone, 1774 according to her age in the burial register

Married Robert Swindale on 13 May 1800 in St John Lee, Northumberland


    Jane baptised on 13 July 1800 in Corbridge, Northumberland
    William baptised on 21 November 1802 in Corbridge, Northumberland
    Margaret baptised on 10 March 1805 in Ovingham, Northumberland
    Robert baptised on 6 March 1808 in Ovingham, Northumberland
    Mary baptised on the 17th or March 1811 in Warden, Northumberland born about 1810
    Henry baptised on 13 August 1815 in Whitley (south of Hexham), Northumberland
    Elizabeth baptised 8 November 1818 in St John Lee, Northumberland.

Died 1837 April 18, buried 20th April 1837 in St John Lee

PersonID 05194


Native of the parish of St John Lee according to Corbridge registers. Daughter of Henry Cook, farmer of Thourington according to Mary's baptismal entry. It is implicit that Thourington is in the Parish of Warden. I have been unable to locate Thourington. Thornington is in Chatton Parish in the north of Northumberland. Thornton is in the parish of Warden just north of Newbrough.

Aged 61 at her death according to her gravestone, 63 according to the burial register, but no Jane Cook, daughter of Henry Cook can be found baptised in Northumberland between 1766 and 1786 in the IGI records. A Jane Cook was christened 18 May 1766 in Pitcombe, Somerset and another on 27 March 1780 in Madley, Hereford. However I know that there are many omissions in the IGI for Warden.