Family History Notebook

Jane Kenmire Swindle

Daughter of William Kenmire Swindle and Eleanor (Ellen) E. Gladley, born 1882 in the Easington district

Died in 1883 1

Person ID 05335


0    Text in red represents information obtained from the internet (family trees etc) which I have not yet confirmed.

1    William and Eleanor have another child named Jane born in 1884 who is listed in the 1891 census so it is probable that the first Jane had died by 1884. There is only one Jane (Swindle) birth registered around 1882/3 so it is very probable that the death in 1883 relates to to Jane Kenmire Swindle. It is suprising that the death was registered in the Newcastle district, ie north of the river when William appears to be working at the Castle Eden Colliery at this period.


a)    The birth of Jane Kenmire Swindle, mother's maiden name Gladley, was registered in the third quarter of 1882 in the Easington district (FreeBMD / GRO 10a 428)

        The death of  Jane Swindle age 0 was registered in the first quarter of 1883 in the Newcastle upon Tyne district (FreeBMD 10b 37)