Family History Notebook

Jane Swindale

Married Thomas Hebblewhite of Woodside on 5th August 1701 in Ryton, Co Durham. Assume born very approximately 1675.

No further information known

PersonID 05002


1    Just possibly the daughter of John Swindale - but there is also Jane Swindale who married Thomas Milburn in 1683. More likely to be a granddaughter. Possibly a daughter of Robert Swindell but his known children commence in 1696.

2    Ryton registers date back to around 1580 so the absence of any Swindales before this marriage implies that Jane came from elswhere. George Swindel had settled in Woodside by 1730.

3    Woodside was a township to the south of Ryton.

4     "The old Parish of Ryton was a coal mining area from at least 1367, when coal from Winlaton was shipped to London to be used at lime works in connection with building operations on Windsor Castle. Mining operations in Ryton Manor itself probably date from 1409, when the Bishop of Durham leased the mineral rights to John Carnis and William Tyndale."