Family History Notebook

John Swindal

Possibly son of Robert Swindal, born very approximately 1690

Married Ann Picts (or Piels or Piet or Poet)


Margaret, baptised 5 October 1718 in the parish of Hexham with Stonecroft (Roman Catholic), Northumberland
Robert, baptised 2 April 1721 in the parish of Hexham with Stonecroft (Roman Catholic), Northumberland
Mary, baptised 9 May 1724 in the parish of Hexham with Stonecroft (Roman Catholic), Northumberland (d.1724)

Buried 1725 - Hexham-with Stonecroft - 'of Boathouse' 5, also probably the burial of John Swindal recorded at Warden on 27th of May  1725

PersonID 05007


1    John's surname is spelt Swindale in the three later register entries, and otherwise Swindel and  Swindal or Tindal.

2    John could be John, son of Richard Swindall, baptised in 1702 but this would make him very young to be starting a family

3    No appropriate matches for a baptism for Ann Piels or Picts have been found in the IGI.

4    Both John and Ann's names are followed by 'C' in the registry - I believe this denotes a convert to Roman Catholicism (as opposed to those baptised into the Roman Catholic church).

5    There was a Boat House on the south side of the Tyne  ferry  from Hexham to (Lower) Warden and one on the north side of the ferry to St' John Lee and Acomb. These are sometimes known as West Boat and East Boat.

6    Ann Picts married William Curley in 1727 following the death of John Swindale in 1725

7    "The parish of Hexham St. Mary succeeded the Hexham Dominican Mission which was established c.1720 & Cockshaw Secular Mission was established in 1753. The earliest registers relate to Stonecroft, originally a domestic chapel to the Gibson family. The Mission was run jointly at Hexham & Stonecroft from 1721, at Hexham alone from 1734 & by other Dominicans 1754-1826. Stonecroft continued separately 1737-1821. The registers of Woodhead Benedictine chapel 1774-96 were also held at Hexham as were registers of baptisms, marriages & deaths at Swinburne Castle, the Riddell family's domestic chapel. Included in the Hexham registers are entries of ceremonies carried out at Corbridge St. Andrew which is served from Hexham. "
Note in the National Archives for the records held in the Northumberland Archives.