Family History Notebook

John Swindell

Son of George Swindel and Mary Young baptised October 1730 in Ryton, County Durham

Married Barbara Potts on the 11th of June 1753 at Ryton, County Durham


Jane baptised 5 May 1754 in Ryton, County Durham
George, buried 21 April 1755 in Ryton, County Durham
Mary baptised 9 May 1756 in Ryton, County Durham
John, buried 2 Jun 1758 in Ryton, County Durham
Thomas baptised 17 February 1760 in Ryton, County Durham
Barbary baptised 24 October 1762 in Ryton, County Durham, buried 1764
Edward (Swindon), born Birtley, baptised in the 7th of April 1765 in Chester le Street
Elizabeth baptised 1 November 1767 in Ryton, County Durham
John, born Birtley, baptised 25 August 1771 in Chester-le-Street, County Durham ? see note below

Working at Birtley in 1764; moved from Ryton to Pithill between 1767 and 1771 so was possibly a coal-miner.

PersonID 05078


1    The Ryton registers do not give the mother's name: however IGI 1988 gives Barbara as mother of John, son of John Swindle, baptised in Chester le Street on 25 August 1771. John Swindell's  son Thomas probably married in Chester le Street in 1788. John's last recorded child at Ryton was baptised 1767 (but his sister Dorothy's child was baptised in Ryton in 1771. Barbara, daughter of John Swindle of Birtley, was buried in 1764. Barbara, wife of John Swindle of Pithill was buried at Chester-le-Street in 1794. The connection is not proven but appears reasonable.

2    The marriage of John Swinney to Barbara Potts is registerd at Ryton. John's father George is named Swinney alias Swindell in 1747. John Swindell is a witness to the marriage of Percivil Potts and Mary Williamson in 1755.

3    There is also a William Swindle of Woodside buried 5 April 1753 at Ryton. Orginally assumed to be a son of John Swindle who did not live to be baptised, but George was named George Swinney alias Swindell at the baptism of Dorothy in 1747 and hence William Swinney born 1744  was probably William Swindell.  Furthermore the baptism precedes the marriage to Barbara and hence William would not have been named as Swindle in the register.