Family History Notebook

John Swindle or Swinlah 1

Ancestry uncertain. Assume born approximately 1736.

Probably John Swindale, son of Richard Swindale and Eleanor (?) baptised 7 March 1735/6 in Simonburn, Northumberland.

Married Elizabeth Usher on 27 February 1761 in Corbridge, Northumberland (as John Swinlah)
Entered in the Ovingham registers for 6th September 1761 (as John Swindle/Elizabeth Ushah)


Eleanor 1, baptised 28th December 1762 in Corbridge, Northumberland
Margaret 1, baptised 18th May 1766 in Corbridge, Northumberland
John 1, baptised 16th April 1769 in Corbridge, Northumberland

Probably died before 1792 2

PersonID 05018


1    It seems this is a case of the surname mutating from Swindale to Swindle to Swinlah to Swinley!

    These are the only Swinlah listed in the whole of the England IGI (they are included as homophones of Swindley and Swinley). I consider it virtually certain that they are in fact Swindle and that Eleanor Swinlah is the Eleanor Swindale who married Matthew Robson in 1787. A John Swinley is recorded as marrying Jane Redhead in Ponteland on 24th August 1795 and a Margaret Swinley as marrying George Jackson in Newcastle (St Andrews) on 17 August 1788. A view of the original Corbridge registers may give more information.

2    Elizabeth Usher was almost certainly buried as Elizabeth Swindale, widow, in 1792.

3    In the Ovingham register John is said to be 'of this parish' whilst Elizabeth is of the parish of Corbridge   

If the identification of John Swinlah with John Swindale is correct then John has named his first daughter after his mother.