Family History Notebook

John Swindle

Son of Thomas Swindle and Jane Charlton, born Beamish, baptised 5th February 1792 in Tanfield (in the parish of Chester-le-Street), Co. Durham

Married Thomasine Gray on 29th May 1819 in Chester-le-Street, Co. Durham (died 18692)


Jane, baptised on the 3rd of September 1820 at Chester le Street
Mary, baptised on the 21st of July 1822 at Chester le Street
John, born in Beamish/Urpeth, baptised on the 24th of July 1825 at Chester le Street
Ann, baptised on the 27th of April 1828 at Chester le Street
Hannah, baptised on the 31st of March 1833 at Chester le Street

Buried ?

PersonID 05028


0    Information entered in red is data from the internet, family trees etc for which I have not yet found the source

1    No death registration found for a John Swindle or Swindell or Swindells of anywhere near the right birth year. (n.b. GRO now gives age at death back to 1837)

Death registration in 1853 in CANT/JACKSON/GLENDENNING family tree (and others) is for an infant of less than one year old. It is possible that this is a transcription error for '60'.


a)    1841 UK census    A coal miner living in St Giles, Durham with Thomasen and his children.
        1851 UK census    A coal miner married to Thompson, living in Wagtail Cottages, Holmside, County Durham (born Beamish). His daughter Ann is living with them and his son John is two doors away.
        1861 UK census    Not found

b)    Thomasine was buried in Chester-le-Street in on the 6th of January 1869 aged 70.