Family History Notebook

John Swindle

Son of George Swindle and Susannah Vipond,   baptised 13th March 1802 in Ninebanks, Northumberland

Married Mary Stout on 27th May 1824 in St Augustine's, Alston, Cumberland 1


Susanborn at Garrigill Gate and baptised 10th October 1824 at Redwing, Garrigill, Cumberland
George, baptised on the 27th of November 1827 at St John's, Garrigill, Cumberland from Garrigill Gate
John, born 25th of December 1828 at Middlehouses and baptised on the 1st of February 1829 at Redwing, Garrigill, Cumberland
Tamar, born 12th May 1831 at Middlehouses and baptised on the 1st January 1832 at Redwing, Garrigill, Cumberland
Susan(nah), born 8 November 1833 at Middlehouses and baptised on the 13th of April 1834 at Redwing, Garrigill, Cumberland
Mary, born 25 December 1835 at Middlehouses and baptised on the 22nd of October 1836 at Redwing, Garrigill, Cumberland

Ann2, born 1841 in Garrigill, Cumberland

Buried on the 20th of January 1837 at St John's, Garrigill aged 34. (from Middle-houses)

PersonID 02291


1    There are also John Swindles baptised 4th January 1800, 12th April 1800, 1st April 1806 and 17th May 1807. The first one married Jane Ridley in 1827 (his age at death is known. The one baptised on 12th April 1800 died in 1808 and the latter two are almost certainly too young for this marriage - the John baptised 1807 was baptised in Chester-le-Street.

2    An Ann is listed on the 1841 census but John died in 1837. Is Ann an illegitimate child of Susan? (Mary Pattinson)
 - Unlikely since the elder Susan presumably died before the younger Susan was baptised. The elder Susan is not listed with the family in the 1841 or 1851 census. Ann is listed as the daughter of Mary in the 1851 census.
Ann's mother's maiden name is given in the GRO index as Stout.

3    Information from Mary Pattinson. On the basis of census information (i.e. as father of Ann) John can be deduced to have died in 1840 but no John Swindle is listed in the index of deaths as dying in 1840 nor any similar name in the north Pennine area.

4    Source #b quotes John's date of death as 17th January 1837 at Nenthead and burial 20th January 1837 at Garrigill.
The FamilySearch record just gives burial 20th January 1837 at Garrigill
The Bishops Transcript states "John Swindle of Middle-houses buried 20th of January 1837 aged 34"


a)    1841 census, cont    Mary is living in Garrigill Gate, along with children George, John, Tamer, Mary and Ann. Susannah is living next door with Mary's father.

b)    The Waugh Family Tree on Ancestry posted by LindaHarper24