Family History Notebook

John Swindle

Son of Edward Swindle /Swindon / Swinney and Eleanor Swindle, born 12 February 1807 at Chester le Street, baptised 17th May 1807 in Chester-le-Street, Co. Durham




PersonID 05149


1    Not a John Swindle whose death was registered in England after 1837

2    Not  either
i)     the John Swindle whose marriage is registered in the Chester le Street district in the fourth quarter of 1844
(John Swindle, son of John Swindle, married Margaret Mason on the 28th of December 1844 at Witton Gilbert, County Durham.)
ii)    the John Swinney of Fatfield who married Alice Blacketer on the 15th of April 1838 at Chester le Street - in any case, his father was Robert Swinney.

In both the above cases the father is known to not be Edward Swindle.

3    Possible the John Swindle who emigrated to Canada before 1837, but this could also be John Swindle of Allendale, or another John