Family History Notebook

John A. E.7 Swindle

Son of George Swindle and Elizabeth Miller baptised 5 April 1819 in Gateshead, County, Durham

Married Ann Elizabeth Watson on 27 September 1846 in Medomsley 2, County Durham


John James, born about 1847 in Biddick, County Durham
George, born 1850 in Trimdon Grange, County Durham
Charles Henry, born 1853 in Stockton district, County Durham
Elizabeth Ann, born 1854 in Durham district
Mary Ann, born 1859, Victoria, Australia b
Charlotte, born c1865, Victoria, Australia b
William, born/died before 1866 b
Elizabeth, born/died before 1866 b
George, born 1866, Victoria, Australia b
John, born 1867 in Deptford, Victoria

Emigrated to Australia in 1857 on the vessel "Red Jacket". The family is known to have been at Scotchman's Lead 1858-1862?, then at Wombat Flat, Daylesford 1866-1870. b

Died 12 September 1890

PersonID 02303


1    In the 1851 census John's birthplace is given as Pelling. This should probably be Felling. (The census enumerator's writing is clear but John's writing on the schedule might not have been)

2    Medomsley is approximately 2 miles north of Consett. (Joseph Swindale, married to Mary Watson,  moved from Allendale to Castleside, 2 miles SW of Consett around 1846)

3    Biddick is a few miles north of Houghton le Spring, the birthplace of John's mother, Ann.

4   Also on the same ship to Australia was George Swindle, aged 30. This cannot be John's brother since he emigrated, also in 1857, to North America with his family.  ?Could he have gone on to America from Australia - unlikely.

5    There is a death registered for a Jno Swindle in Heidelberg, Victoria - but without a death year. The registration number is 12161. There is no obvious relationship between the registration number and the date.

6    No birth registration has been found for Charlotte, William, Elizabeth or George.

7    John signs a letter in 1860 as John A. E. Swindle. It is interesting that the midlle name appear no where else.


a)    1851 census for Trimdon, Durham, John Swindle from Pelling (Felling?) aged 33 is married to an Ann with the eldest child John James (4) and George (1m).

b)    Information supplied in by Wendy Swingle in an e-mail. Elizabeth Ann appears to have been born before John and Ann's marriage and is not listed on the 1851 census. Could she in fact be, for example, a niece or should the age of (12) on arrival be 12 months?

c)    From: "wendy j gatehouse" <> Subject: SWINDLE - Daylesford 1866-
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2001 14:45:34 +1100
Hi Listers I am new to this list. I am researching surname SWINDLE. I know the family was at WOMBAT FLAT, Daylesford in December 1866. I believe they arrived VIC on the Red Jacket, 1857.
Father: John SWINDLE,
Mother: Ann Elizabeth (Watson),
Children: John James, George, Charles Henry, Elizabeth Ann (all born in UK)
at least 5 other children were born in VIC. Three survived - Charlate b.1859, Mary Ann b.1861 and George b. Wombat Flat, Daylesford, 1866.
Ann Elizabeth Swindle died 25 December 1870.
An inquest found she this poor unfortunate soul died of alcohol poisoning. I am assuming all inquests would be written up in the local newspapers. If SKS could check these for me I would be eternally grateful. I am particularly interested in the eldest son John James SWINDLE. At the time of his mother's death he would have been abt. 22/23yo. I suspect he wasn't in Daylesford at the time because his younger brother, Charles gave the info on the mother's death certificate. Could anyone suggest how I might find his whereabouts from any records of the period? I hope I haven't taken up too much space on my first visit. Kind regards Wendy in QLD

From: Patricia Jungwirth <>

Subject: Re: SWINDLE - Daylesford 1866- Date: Fri, 07 Dec 2001 19:13:45 +1100

Hi, Welcome aboard, I had a look at the Victorian indexes - the only births I found for

Father: John SWINDLE, Mother: Ann Elizabeth (Watson) were:
Mary born 1859, place: Lucky Woman, index:19295 and
John born 1867, place: Daylesford index:7733, so would you please supply the index nos. so I may retrace my steps? anyhow - you mention a George and a John James being born in England - well I found 2 marriages - where birth place was listed as Cumberland - one for a John SWINDLE, born Cumberland to an Ann SMEATON in 1876, index 289. one for a George SWINDLE born Cumberland to an Ann Treloar in 1878 index 1707 I found other things - but back to your John?? Does the birthplace fit with your info?? if so then maybe this John Swindle is your John James Swindle?? anyhow - would you perhaps help out a little by letting on what you know about the siblings - Mary - possibly not married but had a child in 1883?? Ann Elizabeth junior - married Charles Wilson, Charles Henry and spouse Sarah Jane Weldon?? good luck Robert

d)    The marriage of John Swindle and Ann Elizabeth Watson was registered in the third quarter of 1846 in the Durham district (FreeBMD 24 87)

e)    Australia death index 1787 - 1985

Name: Ann Elizabeth Swindle
Birth Year: abt 1827
Age: 43
Death Place: Victoria
Father's name: Watson James W
Mother's name: Ann U
Registration Year: 1870
Registration Place: Victoria
Registration Number: ??8

Name: Jno Swindle
Age: 74
Death Place: Heidelberg, Victoria
Father's name: Geo
Registration Place: Victoria
Registration Number: 12161

NOTE There may be no connection between this death registration and the John who married Ann Elizabeth Watson.