Family History Notebook

Margaret Jane Swinney

Daughter of Robert William Swinney and Jessie Calder, born in 1885 in Felling, County Durham

Married William Stephenson in 1911




Person ID 05142


0    Text in red represents information obtained from the internet (family trees etc) which I have not yet confirmed.

1    One family tree links Margaret to William Clark Stephenson but that was Margaret J O'Neill.


a)    1891 UK census    Living with her parents in Gateshead.
        1901 UK census    Not found
        1911 UK census    Not found
        1939 Register    A William Stephenson married to a Margaret born 5 February 1885 was living in South Shields

b)    The birth of Margaret Jane Swinney was registered in the first quarter of 1885 in the Gateshead district (10a 825)

        The marriage of a Margaret J Swinney and William Stephenson or Robert Bicker was registered in the third quarter of 1911 in the South Shields district (10a 1461). The other bride was Nellie Gavin