Family History Notebook

Margaret Swindle

Daughter of Robert Swindale and Jane Cook,born  on 11th of December 1804, baptised on the 10th of March 1805 in Ovingham, Northumberland (Swindle)

Probably married William Grayton on 11th June 1832 in Hexham 2


Mary, born 1832/3
Robert, born 1834/5 in Newcastle
Jane, born 1837/8 in Bishop Wearmouth, Co. Durham
Margaret, born 1846/7 in Humshaugh, Northumberland

Buried on the 25th of July 1891 at Chester le Street aged 86

PersonID 05196


1    The Robinson/bell transcript gives earlier dates for the baptisms of both Margaret and Robert than does the IGI. Was the source of the IGI an end of year summary? No - earlier dats are births.

2    Although Margaret was baptised in Ovingham the family had moved back to Anwick in the parish of St John Lee (just across the river from Hexham) within a few years. The marriage is witnessed by William and Jane Swindle - the names of Margaret's elder brother and sister. William Grayton (here of the parish of Newcastle St John's) with William Swindle are the witnesses to the marriage of Jane Swindle and William Turner in Newcastle St John's next year.

    The only other known Margarets of a suitable age are Margaret Swindle born 1808 - who is believed to have married William Proud on 6th June 1835 in St Augustine's, Alston, Cumberland - and Margaret Swindle born 1816 at Knubbock, Hexham. Neither have a known connection with a William Swindle and the latter Margaret would be somewhat young for the marriage.


a)    1841 UK census    William, a millwright, and Margaret are living in Hill Field, Bishop Wearmouth
        1861 UK census    William, a colliery joiner, and Margaret are living in Chester le Street.
        1871, 1891              Still in Chester le Street