Family History Notebook

Mary Swindle

Daughter of John Swindell  baptised on the 9th of May 1756 in Ryton, County Durham.

Probably married George Dumbling in on the 13th of July 1795 in Chester-le-Street


Joseph, born Hillhead, baptised on the 29th of November 1795 at Chester le Street (died 1834)

Probably died on the 22nd of March 1804 aged 49, buried on the 24nd of March 1804 at Chester le Street

PersonID 05082


1    Marriage record states 'both of Chester in this parish'. John Swindell moved to Birtley (in the parish of Chester-le-Street) around 1770. This was George Dumbling's second marriage - he had previously married Elizabeth Simpson in 1781 - and he may be the George Dumblain who was baptised in Hebron, Northumberland on 7th April 1741. Under these circumstances Mary Swindle's age of 39 at marriage would not be inappropriate.

2    The Joseph Dumbling who died at Stellas was buried on the 31st of July 1795 at Chester le Street and therefore cannot be the Joseph baptised 29 November 1795.