Family History Notebook

Mary Swindale

Daughter of Thomas Swindle and Margaret Dawson, born 1847 in the Durham and Lanchester district, baptised on the 29th of November 1847 in the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel in Shotley Bridge, County Durham

Died at Millhouse on the 17th of May 1848, buried on the 19th of May 1848 at Carrshield aged 8 months

PersonID 05437


Mary's mother Margaret died in 1848 Q2 in the Durham and Lanchester district (probably Muggleswick or Castleside. Why were they apart? Thomas's nephew Joseph had moved to Castleside by January 1849.


a)    The birth of Mary Swindle, mother's maiden name Dawson, was registered in the fourth quarter of 1847 in the Durham & Lanchester district (FreeBMD / GRO 24 64)

        The death of Mary Swindle aged 8m was registered in the second quarter of 1842 in the Hexam district (FreeBMD / GRO 25 209)

b)    From death certificate transcribed by Norman Swindle

Died: 17/5/1848 at Millhouse
Age: 8 months
Occupation: Daughter of Thomas Swindle, Miner
Cause of death: Debility from birth. No medical attendant
Informant: Ann Swindle present at the death. Millhouse