Family History Notebook

Peter Swindall

Son of Christopher Swindel and Catherine Orde baptised 29 June 1703 in Hexham, Northumberland.

Married Dorithy Green on 25th September 1731 in Whitfield, Northumberland (died 14th April 1732)

    Christopher, baptised 6th April 1732, died 7th April 1732 in Whitfield, Northumberland

Married Jane Thompson on 2nd September 1736 in Haydon Bridge, Northumberland (died 18 Nov 1749)

Children - all born at the Dod Bank
    John, baptised 5th February 1739/40 in Whitfield, Northumberland
    Christopher, baptised 18th June 1741 in Whitfield, Northumberland
    Peter, baptised 4th December 1743 in Whitfield, Northumberland
    George, baptised 17th December 1746 in Whitfield, Northumberland

Buried 26 August 1749

PersonID 05264


1    Presumably worked at Whitfield Mill, the lead smelter at Do(d)dbank

 2    Surname is Swindall for his baptism and two marriages, Swindal for the births of five children, and Swindale for the burial and tuition bond.


A Tuition Bond was drawn up as follows:-
'The 27th day of October 1750.
The day and year above written Matthew Thompson of High Staward of the parish Warden and Diocese of Durham, yeoman, and Thomas Pattinson of Dodbank of the parish of Whitefield and Diocese aforesaid, yeoman, were sworn well and faithfully to manage and administer the effects of John Swindale, Christopher Swindale, Peter Swindale and George Swindale, sons and lawful children of Peter Swindale of Dodbank of the said parish, their late father, deceased, and to perform the offices of a guardian and tutor for them during their respective minorities, before me, John Toppin, Surrogate.
In the presence of me, Edward Thompson. T his mark.