Family History Notebook

Phillis Coates

Illegitimate daughter of Christopher Swindle 1 and Esther Coates, baptised on the 13th of April 1828 at Carrshield, Northumberland

Probably married either John Robson Liddell, on the 15th of March 1851 at Allendale or John Joseph Roddam on the 5th of May 1851 in Allendale 2

PersonID 05056


1    Christopher Swindle, son of Christopher Swindle and Hannah Lee seems more likely to have been the father, but Christopher Swindle, son of Peter Swindle and Susannah Nicholson is also a possibility. The first would have been 28, the second 41.

2    A cousin, also named Phillis, was born to Thomas Coates and Margaret Herdman and baptised on the 14th of September 1848 at Carrshield