Family History Notebook

Richard Swindale

Possibly son of Robert Swindal born prior to 1695 4

Probably married to Eleanor 3


Elizabeth, baptised 3rd of March 1727 in Warden, Northumberland
Robert, baptised on the 3rd of April 1729 in Warden, Northumberland
Jane, baptised on the 20th of July 1731 in Warden, Northumberland
Jane, born at Keepershield,  baptised 31 August 1735 in Simonburn, Northumberland
John, born at Keepershield,  baptised 7 March 1735/36 in Simonburn, Northumberland
Thomas, born at Cockplay, baptised 16 October 1738 in Simonburn, Northumberland

Buried 19 May 1777

PersonID 05011


1    The name is spelt Swindale except in the baptism entry for John (Swindell) and the burial record for Eleanor (Swindle)

2    Richard was living at Keepershield (7km north of Hexham, grid reference NY901727) at the time of the births of Jane and John but had moved a kilometre away to the farm of Cockplay by the time Thomas was born. He died at Cockplay 39 years later.

3    No record has been found of the marriage of Richard to Eleanor but Eleanor Swindle is recorded as being from Cockplay at the time of her burial in 1775, as was Richard two years later.

4    Richard was probably born about 1690 - 1700. The earlier end of the date range would result in his baptism not being recorded in the Warden registers, which only commence in 1695. He could be an earlier son of the Robert Swindal whose son George was baptised in 1696 in Warden