Family History Notebook

Richard William Swindle

Son of John Swindle and Esther Dodd, born on the 25th of October 1927 in the Morpeth district

Married Frances H. Henderson in 1952 in Northumberland


4 sons
2 daughters

  Died in 2003 in Northumberland

Person ID 05248


0    Text in red represents information obtained from the internet (family trees etc) which I have not yet confirmed.

1    Information suppressed on this page for reasons of privacy.

2    All the children listed above have 'Henderson' given as their mother's maiden name.


The birth of Richard W. Swindle, mother's maiden name Dodd, was registered in the fourth quarter of 1927 in the Morpeth district. (FreeBMD 10b 606)

The marriage of Richard W Swindle and Frances H. Henderson was registered in the first quarter of 1952 in the Central Northumberland district (FreeBMD 1b 661)

The death of Richard William Swindle, born 25 Oct 1927, was registered in July 2003 in the Central Northumberland district (11A 677/1A 35)