Family History Notebook

Robert Swindel

Probably son of John Swindale. No possible baptism or marriage for Robert have been identified but registers for Warden are only available from 1695. Assume born 1650 - 1670, say very approximately 1660.

Possibly married the Elizabeth who was buried on the 26th of May 1725 in Warden, Northumberland.


??Jane 4
??Isabel 4
?John 4
?Richard 4
George baptised 3 May 1696 in Warden, Northumberland
Elizabeth baptised 27 Oct 1700 in Warden, Northumberland
Mary, baptised on the 21st of November 1703(?) 2, buried on the 13th of February 1705/6 in Warden

Buried on the 29th of March 1723/4 in Warden, Northumberland 3

Untraced ancestry

PersonID  05005


1    Appears somewhat younger than Richard Swindel of Dotland
2    The baptismal entry is definitely for Mary, daughter of Robert Swindon, but Robert Swindon does not reappear
3    It is possible that this burial entry would be for Robert son of John Swindal, but I would then have expected the entry to be in the form Robert Swindal, son of John.
4    These individuals are suggested as children of Robert Swindel en default de mieux!

5     See notes on Warden parish for further discussion.