Family History Notebook

Robert Swindal

Son of John Swindale and Ann Piet, baptised 2 April 1721 Hexham with Stonecroft Roman Catholic Church in Northumberland.

Married ?

Probably buried at Warden on the 17th of April 1780

PersonID 05010


1    It is a reasonable hypothesis that  John ->Robert -> John -> this Robert was a family line that remained at Warden.

The alternation of Christian names is support for Robert (cc1660 - 1724) being the son rather than the grandson of John.

2    It is possible that the burial entry at Warden on 29th of March 1723/4 is for this Robert (rather than Robert Swindal father of George, Elizabeth, Mary) but I would then have expected the entry to be in the form Robert Swindal, son of John.

3    Just possibly the Robert Swindale who married Margaret Armstrong on 2 February 1761 (Monday) in St John Lee but not the most likely of the three possible Roberts who could have married Margaret.. See discussion in Robert Swindale