Family History Notebook

Robert Swindale

Son of Richard and Eleanor Swindale, baptised on the 3rd of April 1729 in Warden, Northumberland

Probably the Robert Swindale who married Margaret Armstrong on 2 February 1761 (Monday) in St John Lee 1

PersonID 05014


0    Moved to Simonburn as child

1  A Robert Swindall of Warden was buried at Warden on the 13th of April 1780.
A Robert Swindle of Coathouses was buried 15 July 1809 at St John Lee. A Margaret Swindle or Swindel, widow, of Coathouses was buried on the 19th of February 1812 at St John Lee. This must be the Robert who married Margaret Armstrong in 1761 in St John Lee.

One is probably the son of Richard and Eleanor baptised 1729 at Simonburn; the other the son of John Swindale and Ann Piet  baptised 2 April 1721 at Hexham with Stonecroft Roman Catholic Church.

On balance of probabilities I suggest that the Robert who died at Warden is likely to be the one who inherited the farm(?) at Warden, i.e.

WARDEN                                      SIMONBURN                                                                 RYTON                                 MOLLERSTEADS

Robert                                                                                                                                                                                                         Richard
John = Ann Picts                      Richard (1699-1777)                                                     George                Thomas                   
                                                             St JOHN LEE              CORBRIDGE                                                                                          
Robert (1721 - 1780)             Robert (1729 - 1809)      John       Thomas                                                                                
(End of line)                                   
                             William          Richard                  Robert                                        John
                                                        Robert         William   Robert      Henry           Thomas