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Robert Swindale

Son of Robert Swindale and Margaret Armstrong baptised 13 Aug 1769 in St John Lee, Northumberland. If the age on his gravestone is correct he was born in 1767.

Married Jane Cook on 3 May 1800 in St John Lee


     Jane, born on the 25th of June, baptised on 13 July 1800 in Corbridge, Northumberland (Swindale)
    William, born on the 14th of August 1802, baptised on 21 November 1802 in Corbridge, Northumberland  (Swindale)
    Margaret, born  on 11 December 1804, baptised on the 10 of March 1805 in Ovingham, Northumberland (Swindle)
    Robert, born on 31 January 1808, baptised on the 6th of March 1808 in Ovingham, Northumberland (Swindle)
    Mary born on the 15th of February 1811 in Wharmley, baptised on the 17th of March 1811 in Warden, Northumberland. (Swindle)
    Henry, baptised on 13 August 1815 in Whitley (south of Hexham), Northumberland (Swindle)
    Elizabethbaptised 8 November 1818 in St John Lee, Northumberland. (Swindale)

Died 21 July 1856 and buried in St John Lee

PersonID 05193

Anick Grange Cottage Houses


0    Born and died at Anick Grange Cottage Houses. Probably moved away on marriage but returned following the death of his father in 1809. Between 1800 and 1802 his occupation had changed from labourer to 'hind', ie a skilled farm-servant or steward. Although his son Robert was baptised at Ovingham in 1808, that Robert later describes his birth place as 'Spenn/Spen' - Spenn colliery north of Rowlands Gill? In 1810 he was living at Wharmley 4  and in 1815 in Dotland 1. where the family had come from 4 generations earlier  but by 1841 he had returned to Anick 2 and was still there in 1851; in fact he had probably returned at least to the area by the baptism of Elizabeth in 1818 when he describes himself as a 'Hind or Labourer'.

1    The family had come from Dotland 4 generations earlier (see Richard Swindall). By 1815 there was a smelter at Dotland according to other entries in the Whitley Register. Had Robert gone there looking for work when the agricultural expansion during the Napoleonic wars went into reverse?

2    Information from Valerie Fairbrass indicates that he had returned to Anick by 1838.

3    There is a reference in an index to a baptism in 1811 to Robert and Jane

4    Two farms north-west of Hexham on the south bank of the Tyne.

5    There are possibly an Ann Swindle and a Ruth Swindle living at Seaton Deleval in 1841 whose age is given as '15' ie born between 1820 and 1825. Since both his sons William and Robert are working at Seaton Deleval and his wife Jane had died in 1837, it is possible that these are two further daughters.


a)    1841 UK census    Robert '70' , an agricultural labourer, and his daughter Mary '25' , a dress maker, are living in Anick township
        1851 UK census    Robert (84), an agricultural labourer born in St John Lee. and his daughter Mary (30) a dress maker born in Wharmley, are living in Anick village.

b)    The death of Robert Swindle aged 90 was registered in the third quarter of 1856 in the Hexham district (FreeBMD 10b 126)

c)    Grave monument

St John Lee

Monumental inscription transcribed and published by NDFHS microfiche TN89 - Entry 213

'In memory of JANE wife of ROBERT SWINDALE of Anick Grange Cottage Houses who died April 18 1837 aged 61 years. The above ROBERT SWINDALE who died July 21 1856 aged 89 years. Also MARY daughter of the above ROBERT and JANE SWINDALE who died Dec 6 1867 aged 57 years'


St John Lee, St John of Beverley Churchyard,  Hexham Northumberland
Note: The inscription regarding Mary is too faint to read on the photograph but it can be detected.

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Robert SWindale 1767 - 1856