Family History Notebook

Robert Swindle

Son of George Swindle and Mary Young baptised on the 3rd of December 1738 in Ryton, County Durham.





PersonID 05158


1    Possibly the same person as the Robert Swindale who married Margaret Armstrong on 2 February 1761 (Monday) in St John Lee but not likely.  See discussion in Robert Swindale.

2    Robert may have used the surname Swinney (or similar) but nothing has been found in this name either.

3    The Boysel family tree on Ancestry gives Robert's death as in 1809 in Visalia, Tulare, California. The same tree suggests that he is the Robert who married Margaret Armstrong but that Robert almost certainly died in 1809 in St John Lee, Northumberland. No connection with Tulare has been found. Visalia was not settled until 1852.

4    No further information.