Family History Notebook

Robert Swindle 7

Son of Robert Swindale and Jane Cook, born on 31 January 1808, baptised on the 6th of March 1808 in Ovingham, Northumberland

Married Ann Robson at Hexham 23 April 1833 4 (1811 - 1847)


Jane, baptised on the 5th of June 1833 in Warden, Northumberland from Walwick Grange (died 1833)
Robert, born on the 15th of August 1835, buried on the 16th of August 1835 from Walwick
William,  born in Walwick, baptised on the 25th of September 1836  in Warden, Northumberland.
Lancelot born 1839 Seaton Deleval
Robert born 1842 in Earsdon, baptised on the 14th of June 1842 in the Weslyan Methodist Church (Blyth with Seaton Deleval circuit), Earsdon, Northumberland.
Henry born 1845 Earsdon
John born 1847 in the Tynemouth district (died 1847)

Married Barbara Kirsopp (1811-1891) on the 22nd of May 1852 in St John Lee by license 7

Died on the 7th of February 1877  in New Delaval, Northumberland, leaving a will

PersonID 05197

Robert was a mason, first at Walwick Grange and then for over 20 years at Seaton Delaval, probably working for the colliery. By 1871 he had moved again, a little further north east to Woodhorn, and describes himself, as does his son Robert, as a 'master builder', ie running his own business.


1    Robert described himself as a mason at the time of the baptisms of Jane and William, and in the 1841 and 1851 census at Seaton Deleval - though now working at a colliery. In 1841 he is living on his own - his wife Ann and son Lancelot are staying with Ann's brother in Acomb. Robert's brother William is also working in Seaton Deleval at the time.

2    Swindle in the marriage register 1833, in the 1841 census and for the births of Jane, William and Lancelot, Swindell in the 1851 census and for the births of Robert and Henry, but Swindale for the burial of Robert in 1833. Swindele (Swindell?) in the marriage register 1852. Swindale in his will.

4    Identification of this Robert with the 1833 marriage is based on the Richard Swindale family tree, as are the children of the marriage. The marriage entry states Robert Swindale of the parish of St John Lee and although Robert was baptised in Ovingham the family had moved back to Anwick in the parish of St John Lee within a few years.

These identifications have been confirmed by the 1841 and 1851 censuses.

5    In 1861 Robert gives his birthplace as 'Spenn' and in 1871 Durham, Spen. The only possible identification I have for this is Spenn Colliery, otherwise known as Ashgill Farm, in the parish of Ryton - High Spen? YES

6    On the marriage licence of 1852 Robert signs his name Robt Swindell

7    Date of death from probate documentation.


a)    1841 UK census    Robert '35'  is lodging on his own in Seaton Delaval. (Swindle)
        1841 UK census    Ann and Lancelot are staying with her parents family in Acomb, St John Lee
        1851 UK census    Robert, a widower, is a stonemason at Seaton Delaval. His children William, Lancelot, Robert and Henry are living with him, as well as a servant Ann Blackburn. (Swindell)
        1861 UK census    Still a stone mason in Seaton Delaval but now married to Barbara. Robert and Henry are living with him. (Swindle)
        1871 UK census    A master builder living at 8 South Row, Horton, with Barbara and his son Robert, also a master builder. (Swindale)
        1881 UK census    Widow Barbara is living at 8 South Row, Horton close to her step-son Robert. (Swindle)
        1891 UK census    Barbara is living at 15 Double Row, Horton with her step-son Robert and his family

b)    The death of Ann Swindell aged 37 was registered in the first quarter of 1847 in the Tynemouth district (FreeBMD /GRO 25 393)

        The death of Robert Swindale aged 70 was registered in the first quarter of 1877 in the Tynemouth district (FreeBMD 10b 146)

c)    National Probate Calendar 1877:-
        SWINDALE Robert.  1 March.   The Will of Robert Swindale late of New Delaval in the County of Northumberland Builder who died 7 February 1877 at New Delaval was proved at Newcastle-upon-Tyne by William Swindale of 11 Royal-Oak-place Lee in the County of Kent Stationer the Son and John Stephenson of Seaton Delaval Colliery in the County of Northumberland Cashier the Executors.  Effects under 1,500.