Family History Notebook

Sarah Swindle

Buried on the 12th of December 1898 in Church Bank Cemetery, Wallsend, aged 51, a spinster

Ancestry untraced.

PersonID 05075


1    There is no good match for Sarah in the 1881 census.

The closest match is Sarah, born in 1847 in Crosthwaite (Keswick), Cumberland - but she is not listed under the name of Sarah Swindle in the 1881 census and there is no apparent reason why she would have moved across the country to Newcastle.

Another match is Sarah, born in 1850 and living in Henshaw, Northumberland in 1881 and 1891. However it is unlikely that Sarah would have added three years to her age.

Sarah, wife of Stephen Swindell in 1881 at Shotton, Co. Durham in 1881 is of the right age - but not a spinster.


a)    UK census

b)    Information supplied by Norman Swindle

3553        Swindle Sarah                       Spinster                 51            High St, Wallsend    12th Dec 1898     H Robinson                Section H           481     Consd    Wallsend