Family History Notebook

Susanna Swindle

Daughter of  Mary Jane Swindle, born 18711, baptised on the 5th of January 18732 at Bywell St Andrews, Northumberland.


Mary Jane, born 1893

Probably died in 1924

PersonID 05442

Working as a servant in Benwell in 1891, and probably the Susannah in the Hexham workhouse in 1901.


1    Baptised at the same time as her cousin Jane Ann, whose mother had died at Hall Moor, Bywell St Andrew, in 1871. Both children are listed as from Hall Moor (which later became part of Peepy).

 2    Aged 9 at the time of the 1881 census, known as Susannah Davison after her mother's marriage in 1880

3    In the 1891 census Susannah is listed as the daughter of Robert Potts and as born at B[e]avington, Northumberland. Both of these are almost certainly errors; Robert Potts married Jane Parker in 1873; Susannah was brought up in Bavington but probably not born there since her mother was working in Bywell at the time of her birth.

4    It is clear that the workhouse had no idea of Susanna's exact age. 50 is a good round figure when she died, assuming that Susan is Susanna.


a)    1881 UK census    Susannah (Davison), 9, is living with her mother and stepfather in Little Bavington (about 10 miles north of Corbridge.)
        1891 UK census    Susanna
        1901 UK census    Susanna, 29, 'feeble minded' is in the Hexham Union Workhouse, along with 7 year old Mary Jane (her daughter).
        1911 UK census    Susannah Swindle, 48, born Newton, Northumberland is an inmate in the Hexham Union Workhouse

b)    The birth of Susanna Swindle, mother maiden name *, was registered in the fourth quarter of 1871 in the Hexham district (FreeBMD / GRO 10b 242)

        The death of a Susan Swindle '50' was registered in the Hexham district in the 3rd quarter of 1924 (FreeBMD 10b 346)

c)    Birth registered in the fourth quarter of 1871 in the Hexham registration district. (Information from Norman Swindle). Mary Jane was working at Peepy Cottages, Newton Hall, Northumberland at the time of the 1871 census