Family History Notebook

Thomas Lusty 'Tom' Swindle

Ancestry untraced (? and Margaret Lusty?), born 1949

Married Anne Cecilia Perry in 1972 in the Western Durham district (1950 - 2012)



Died on the 20th of May 2011

Person ID 03230


0    Text in red represents information obtained from the internet (family trees etc) which I have not yet confirmed.

1    Information suppressed on this page for reasons of privacy

2    Only birth registration found was in Durham in 1940.

3    No Lusty / Swind* marriage found post 1911


a)    The birth of Anne C Perry was registered in the Western Durham district in the first quarter of 1950. (1a 1052)

b)    The marriage of Thomas L Swindle and Anne C Perry was registered in the second quarter of 1972 in the Western Durham district (1a 1665)

c)    England and Wales, Death Index, 2007-2013 [database on-line]. 
The death of  Anne Cecilia Swindle on the 13th of September 2012 in Alnwick, Northumberland aged 62

Born: 1949
Nationality: BRITISH
Posttown: ALNWICK
Postcode: NE66 1XL

TLS PROJECTS LTD. (dissolved)
26 September 2007 - 07 September 2010
Thomas Lusty Swindle was employed as Director (HOTEL MANAGER) at TLS PROJECTS LTD. from 26 September 2007 to 07 September 2010 resigned
Company address: TLS PROJECTS LTD.


e)    Published in the Evening Chronicle & The Journal on 25th May 2011 (Distributed in Newcastle)

SWINDLE (Alnwick). Peacefully in hospital on 20th May 2011, aged 61 years Tom, loving husband of Anne, dad to Paul, Mark and Donna, father-in-law to Dereck-Charles, grandad to Dior and Charles Thomas. Will be sadly missed by all family and friends. Funeral Service and cremation to be held at the West Road Crematorium on Tuesday 31st May at 11.45am. Family flowers only please, donations in lieu if desired to The Freeman Hospital Heart Foundation. A donation box will be available at the crematorium.

Published in the Evening Chronicle & The Journal on 15th September 2012 (Distributed in Newcastle)

SWINDLE (Alnwick). Peacefully in hospital on September 13th 2012, aged 62 years, Anne, loving wife of the late Tom, mam to Paul, Mark and Donna, mother-in-law to Derek-Charles, nana to Dior, Charles-Thomas and Rose. Anne will be sadly missed by all family and friends. A Funeral Service will take place at West Road Crematorium on Thursday 20th September at 11.15am. Family flowers only by request, donations in lieu if desired to The Freeman Hospital, a donation box will be at the crematorium. All enquiries to Co-operative Funeralcare, Fenkle Street, Alnwick. Tel. 01665 602328.

f)    Berwick Advertiser Wednesday 22 August 2007

AN angry publican has taken swift revenge on Berwick Borough Council after it vandalised signs advertising his business.
Tom Swindle of the Craster Arms Hotel in Beadnell was furious when he discovered their roadside signs had been sprayed with black paint.
When he discovered the culprit was not a mindless vandal but the local authority, he decided to put up a sign in the pub's beer garden which reads 'Berwick-Upon-Tweed Borough Council Are Vandals'.
The sign has certainly caught the public eye with dozens of passers-by giving it the thumbs up and pub visitors offering their vocal support.
Mr Swindle said: "The council are sending out an open invitation for anyone to graffiti someone else's property — what sort of message is that to give to the kids?"
"Three council staff came in to our car park, trespassing on our land and just vandalised the sign with spray paint. What would the council have to say if someone went to Berwick and graffitied the Town Hall?
"Everyone I have spoken to over the past week or so thinks it is a disgrace that the council has acted in this way. At the very least it seems a very immature approach to take.
"As a result, our attitude has been to give them a taste of their own medicine by putting up our sign telling people exactly what we think of them."
However, it has not impressed Berwick Borough Council who say they will pursue appropriate legal action over the matter.
Shona Alexander, the council's director of regeneration and development, said: "This latest action is very regrettable. There are legal planning processes for having signs, like those which were originally put up, in line with national planning policy; but the hotel owner has repeatedly ignored our advice and guidance. We will continue to pursue appropriate legal action on this matter."
The council has recently adopted a 'no tolerance' policy over unofficial roadside signs advertising local amenities such as pubs, B&Bs and farm shops.
Armed with cans of black spray paint, officials have been obliterating the signs, claiming the vendors do not have planning permission. They say the signs are distracting to motorists, particularly on the main A1 trunk road.
Nigel Dudgeon of Conundrum Farm, near Berwick, was the first to fall foul of this new policy when several signs were daubed with black spray paint to prevent them being used again.
He had been involved in a long-running conflict with the council following his decision to put signs up in nearby fields without planning permission. He was asked to remove them but refused and then when enforcement officers took them away, he recovered them from a compound and put them back up.
It has been a similar experience at the Craster Arms Hotel which had initially been told to remove the signs only to refuse because of the impact they feared it would have on business.
"We have to make our money in the summer months and that can be difficult especially the way the weather has been this year," explained Mr Swindle.
Saintfield Parish Church Cemetery, 45 Main Street, Down, Northern Ireland

In loving memory of
our dear parents
Thomas buried at sea
died 29th January 1938
Margaret died 25th January 1981
Also our grandparents
Hugh Drake died 11t July 1931
Margaret died 10th July 1939
and their son William
died 17th October 1944
Also Margaret Swindle née Lusty
died 15th December 1986