Family History Notebook

Thomas Swindale

Son of Richard Swindale and Eleanor (?) baptised 16 October 1738 in Simonburn, Northumberland

Married Isabel Heslop on 6 June 1765 in Simonburn


Margaret, born Hetheridge, baptised 14 August 1766 in Simonburn, Northumberland
Thomas, born Hole Law, baptised 17 March 1769 in Simonburn, Northumberland
William, born Halfway House, baptised 5 September 1771 in Simonburn, Northumberland.
Mary, born Humshaugh, baptised 3 March 1774 in Simonburn, Northumberland

Died at Humhaugh and buried on the 28th of June 1775 in Simonburn

PersonID 05321


Thomas is recorded as having married from Humshaugh Fell, Margaret was born at Hetheridge (1 km from his father's farm at Cockplay), Thomas at Hole Law, William at Halfway House (1 km SE of Hetheridge)  and Mary at Humshaugh. He died (two years before his father) at Humshaugh as did his son Thomas in 1781.


Recorded on the Northumberland Militia list of 1762 as residing at Humshaugh Fell