Family History Notebook

Thomas Swindle

Son of Peter Swindle and Nancy Bell, baptised 7th December 1811 at Ninebanks, Northumberland (from Millhouse)

Married Margaret Dawson on 15th May 1841 at Ninebanks, Northumberland (from Mill Shield) 1. (Registered at Hexham) (Died 1848?6)

Living at Chairhead at the time of the 1841 census (June 6) 3

Children 2

Ann, born at Chairheads on the 10th of February 1842
Hugh, born 1843 in Allendale
Elizabeth, born about June 1845, baptised on the 8th of November 1845 in the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel in Shotley Bridge, County Durham (died 1846 Mosswood, Shotley) 5
Mary, born 1847 in the Durham and Lanchester district, baptised on the 29th of November 1847 in the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel in Shotley Bridge, County Durham. (died 1848 at Millhouse)

Married Jane Keenleyside (widow nee Ridley) on 8th May 1851 at Ninebanks, Northumberland (from Millhouse) 1
(b. c1809)


William (Keenleyside)


 Jane, born 1852, baptised on the 31st of March 1852 from Harty-Cleugh, West Allen, Northumberland

Thomas describes himself as a miner in 1841 and 1851, as a lead miner and farmer of nine acres at Hartley Cleugh in 1861, 12 acres at Roughside in 1871 In 1881 he is no longer a lead miner but a farmer of 24 acres at Roughside. He is after all 70 by now.

Died on the 5th of October 1881, buried at Limestone Brae Methodist burial ground.

PersonID 05433


1    Both the marriage entries describe Thomas as the son of Peter Swindle. There is also Thomas, son of Peter Swindle and Sarah Lee, baptised 26th February 1810 but he is almost certainly the Thomas Swindle who is recorded as dying in 1877 in the bmd register, whereas Thomas, married to Jane, was still alive at the time of the 1881 census. Moreover the Thomas in the 1881 census is recorded as living at Roughside, Allendale. Ann Swindle is recorded as dying at Ruffside in 1861 aged 88 and is almost certainly Nancy Bell, Thomas's mother.

2    George, 1830; Thomas, 1834; Ann, 1841; Hugh, 1843 listed on 1851 census as grandchildren of Nancy Swindle (all Swindle - or rather do.!). Nancy only had two sons who survived, John and Thomas. Nothing is known of John but obviously the first two children are too old to be the children of Margaret Dawson. Thomas and Hugh are listed in the 1881 census.

3    Probably South Chareheads considering that the enumerator is moving from Corryhill to Moscow.

4    Thomas was probably the witness at his nephew's marriage on 6th June 1840 at Ninebanks. If so, he was unable to sign his name but it was entered as Swindale.

5    The death of Elizabeth Swindle, daughter of Thomas (lead miner), informant Margaret, in February 1846 at Mosswood, Shotley,  indicates that Thomas was working at Healeyfield Mine - I know of no other lead mine in the area. It would thus seem likely that he was responsible for his nephew Joseph moving to that mine shortly afterwards. Mosswood is just across the river from the Healfield mine.

6    The death of Margaret Swindle was registered in the Durham area in the second quarter of 1848. As noted above it appears that Thomas was working in County Durham at this period. Muggleswick and Castleside were included in the Durham registration district. However their daughter Mary

7    Thomas's first wife Margaret Dawson was the daughter of Hugh Dawson.

8    Thomas's son Hugh had moved to Acomb Forge (across the Tyne from Hexham) by 1871. Work in the lead mines was running down.


a)    1841 UK census    A lead miner living in Chairhead with his wife Margaret, just three weeks after their marriage.
        1851 UK census, cont    Living in Mill House, West Allen are Nancy Swindle, her widowed son Thomas and 4 grandchildren - George, Thomas, Ann and Hugh
        1861 UK census    Now remarried, living at Hartley Cleugh. Combining lead mining with a small holding of 9 acres.
        1871 UK census    A lead miner and farmer of 12 acres at Roughside. Living with his wife Jane and 2 daughters.
        1881 UK census    Now farming 24 acres at Roughside (no longer a lead miner), living with his wife and daughter

b)    The marriage of Thomas Swindle and Margaret Dawson was registered in the second quarter of 1841 in the Hexham district (FreeBMD 25 307)

        The death of Margaret Swindle age 35 was registered in the second quarter of 1848 in the Durham and Lanchester district (FreeBMD / GRO 24 46)

        The death of Thomas Swindle aged 69 was registered in the fourth quarter of 1881 in the Hexham district (FreeBMD 10b 159)
        The death of Jane Swindle aged 78 was registered in the second quarter of 1887 in the Hexham district (FreeBMD 10b 195)