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Census Records

United Kingdom, Canada and Irish Census images are copyright and may not be republished. A link on my site is a therefore a link to a private record which regrettably I cannot republish. In the case of UK records the link reference gives the book/folio/reference so it should be easy to view the record on any on-line provider of census information.

(US census images are not copyright).

Swindell, Swindells, Swindle, Swindale etc

These pages have moved to a new site  . From the home page you will be able to go to an introduction to the Swindell One Name Study or a name index. There are also pages of background information about places connected with Swindell families.

Other Family Branches

Other branches of my family other than Swindell etc should remain available at Please contact me at if you encounter a broken link.

Alan Swindale