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Bosden House, Cheshire
(Map Reference SJ 934 882)

Bosden House

Bosden House

In 1844 Bosden House was owned by Daniel Shaw, who also owned several other plots of land in Bosden township, including Swindells Orchard and Bosden Hall (SJ 923 873). The major other major landowner in the township was Lord Vernon, whose family had held the manor of Stockport. The old boundary between the manor of Stockport and the Forest of Macclesfield, which split the township, can still be seen in the land ownership in the map below.

Bosden township land ownership
(Click on map for full resolution image of Bosden township tithe map 1844 - 1.4MB)

Tithe map showing Swindells OrchardA Swindells Orchard (3 acres 1 rood 8 perches) is recorded just south of Bosden House in the Victorian tithe maps (c1850) of Cheshire (map reference SJ 933880) but this could be named after a Swindell rather than marking the location of the Swindells noted above.  (Click on thumbnail - plot 8). There are 17 locations involving the name Swindell in the Cheshire tithe maps.

Note that although there are no other dwellings near to Bosden House in Bosden township, Torkington (farm?) was just across the road and there was a William Swindells, yeoman of Torkington, in 1765

Generally speaking the names of fields, etc, persist longer than the names of houses. Considering that there is no other dwelling nearby for a Swindells to be living other than Bosden House or Torkington (farm) it seems most probable that the the orchard was named after the neighbouring house, ie that Bosden House was previously Swindells.

It is known that members of the Dodge family were living at Swindells (in Bosden) from at least 1529 to 1675, that a seperate Dodge family were living in Bosden in 1625 and that the record of the ownership of Swindelfs by the Legh family in 1519 was recorded in the Dodge family papers.

The small number of significant dwellings in Bosden township suggest that Swindelfs must have been Old Fold, Bosden Fold, Bosden Hall or Bosden House. The close proximity of Swindells Orchard and Bosden House strongly suggests that Bosden House was previously "Swindells of Bosden".

Daniel Shaw

Born in Worth, Poynton, Cheshire, baptised on the 26th of January 1790 in Prestbury, son of David and Mary Shaw. Married Hannah. Died at Bosden, buried 19th September 1866 at Norbury or Stockport.
1841    Yeoman at Bosden House with 5 children and six farm servants.
1851 - Agent and farmer of 78 acres living at Bosden House Farm. Widower with 8 children. One son was a farmer of  76 acres, ie 154 acres in all)

1834    Daniel Shaw, overseer of Handforth-cum-Bosden.
Extracts from the Information Received by His Majesty's Commissioners: As to the Administration and Operation of the Poor-laws

It is possible that the change of name from Bullock Smithy to Hazel Grove was an attempt to put the villages unruly past behind it. Some say a certain Mr. Thomas Ashworth, Steward of Poynton in 1835, did not like his address as Bullock Smithy.  Although officially the committee which changed the name, under its chairman Mr. Daniel Shaw of Bosden, on 29th August 1836, claimed it wanted to 'revive' the ancient name of Hazel Grove rather than remove the uncouth name of Bullock Smithy.


Ray Preston:-

"Bosden House is Dodge House, which does not immediately proclain its history. The picture [at the top of the page] gives an inpression of a purely Victorian background. The house is actually built on the foundations of a very old Dodge House.Bosden House back

"A high-walled garden slopes away at the side of the house. Coming from the garden the cellar can be entered at the floor level. One immediately notices the original stone foundations of the house. Stone-mullion windows as far as the first floor give a hint of its much earlier origins. Entering the cellar you will see an immaculated brick-vaulted ceiling and an ancient stone-mullion window covered in many years ago. Stone flagg seats encircle the area.Bosden House cellar
To the right of the cellar door is a slop stone. An ancient pump to an artesian well deep underground supplies water for washing for the household.
Bosden House cellar 2